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Senior Seminar Photo Gallery

Senior Seminar Photo Gallery

Once again, the end of the semester rolled around quickly and Senior Seminar was held on April 26 in the Rotunda and in several classrooms. This year, 94 seniors representing 20 majors presented posters, oral presentations or art exhibits on a wide variety of topics, sharing their final assignments with the College community. Many faculty, staff and other students came out to support the seniors.

Photos by Brenda Lange

Mirandi Ali, Communication, presents her findings on the topic of, "Film Representation of Mental Illness Based on Gender: A Case Study."

Sierra Schneck, Psychology, discusses her topic: "Do Psychopathic Traits Negatively Affect Relationship Quality in Long Lasting Mutually Beneficial Relationships."

Aaron Pringle, Psychology, talks to Sister Kathy Duffy about his topic, "Measuring the Achievement Gap: Academic Success of African-American Students."

Samantha Crooch, an art studio and psychology double-major, presents one of her two seminars, this one titled, "Reduction of Immigrant Stress Using Art Therapy."

Gerald Evariste, Psychology, talks to Jordan Maxwell about his topic, "Peer Pressure Inspired Social Deviance in Adolescence."

Hana Aldawood, Mathematics, poses with her presentation,
"Linear Programming."

Virginia Martinez, Psychology, stands with her poster on the topic of "A Comparison of Food Choices Based on Advertisement
Exposure in Children."

Shaquita Grier, Forensic Chemistry, explains her topic:
"Analysis of an Illegal Drug."

Keyeona Seth, Marketing, talks to Sister Carol about her presentation, "Millennials in the Workplace: An Introspective Look into Millennials Interaction with Cohorts and How to Manage them in the Workplace."

Lea Sanders, Human Services, presents her poster on the topic of "Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia and the United States."

James Jackson, Accounting, poses next to his poster on the topic of "What are the Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions?"

Alcia Brucker, Art Studio, explains pieces from her exhibition
"Art with a Message."

Zachary Webster, Human Services, explains his presentation titled
 "An Inside Look at the School-to-Prison Pipeline."

Tia Lumarque stands with her poster on the topic of "Invisible Authors:  Cultures of Gender and Sexuality in Michael Cunningham’s The Hours and its Film Adaptation."



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