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Senior Seminar

Senior Seminar

College is the culmination of four years of hard work, long study hours and students finding and pursuing a passion to one day turn into a career. As a celebration of that effort, Chestnut Hill College seniors share their final projects, papers or presentations twice a year during senior seminar. Eighty-five students who will graduate this month presented their research in early December. 

Photos by Marilee Gallagher '14

Emma Massey, Music Education

Switching Music Instruments at the Secondary Level

Daniel DePasquale, Criminal Justice

Flag on the Play: Supreme Court to Review

Danny Avery, Middle Level Education

Pros and Cons of Merit Pay

Sarah Ganassa, Human Services

Fitting the Puzzle: Comparison of Traditional and Alternative Therapies and Tools for Autism Management in Children

Chelsea Angelo, Criminal Justice

Blue Line, Flat Line

Milene Mpon A Mbassa, Human Services

Forced Labor: Impact of Low Socioeconomic Status on Women and Children in Developing Countries

Samuel Mondello, Business Administration and Management

The Economic Implication of a Possible Terrorist Attack

Barbara Daye, Business Administration and Management

An Increase in Work Production? The Unforeseen Effects of a "Babysitter"

Karina Melendez, Psychology

Was the Right Person Chosen? A Look into the Use of Personality Assessments and Recruitment

Kimberly Ettore, Psychology

The Effect of Art Therapy on Stress and Anxiety

Eric Barton, Biology

Comparison of Body Mass Index in Relation to the Performance of Male Distance Runners

Allison Albright, Early Education Prek-4


Kaileik Asbury, Marketing

How the Monopolizing Cosmetic Companies Neglect to Diversify Producs for Darker Consumers

Joseph Diorio, Business Administration and Management

Recruitment by Division I Schools and its Negative Impact on Student Athletes


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