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The Kente Cloth Ceremony One of Inclusion, Diversity

The Kente Cloth Ceremony One of Inclusion, Diversity

For the second year, Chestnut Hill College seniors gathered to celebrate their diversity and unity through the donning of the Kente Cloth. The inclusive ceremony allows students to recognize their own achievements, heritage and experiences and those of their fellow classmates. Each student says a few words, generally about those who have helped pave the way for their unique journey, and then invites someone special to come forward to drape the cloth around their shoulders.

This year, the ceremony took place the day before commencement in the Rotunda and Redmond Room and included 21 students from the School of Undergraduate Studies.

Juliana Mosley, Ph.D., Officer for Diversity and Inclusion, addressed the audience about choices.

“Your choices make up your character and define you,” she said. “I charge you to try your hardest and make your best choices based on the information and resources you have at the time … And always do the right thing.”

The Kente cloth originated in Ghana, and the colors on CHC’s cloth symbolize growth, energy, wealth and victory. The cloth, itself, signifies the wearer’s pledge to make the world a more just and loving place and to help those who will follow them.

 – Brenda Lange

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