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Grant Received for Clement Hall Renovations

Grant Received for Clement Hall Renovations

Clement Hall classroom
Artist's rendition of a renovated Clement Hall classroom.

For years, renovating the classrooms in Clement Hall has been on the College’s capital improvement wish list. With the grant received from the Connelly Foundation last month, that wish can finally begin to come true.

The $250,000 grant in support of these improvements comes as CHC moves forward with its master plan for Clement Hall that includes enhanced technology opportunities for better interaction between faculty and staff; redesigned classrooms; new windows; and an updated heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

The building is large enough for the current usage — more than 26,000 square feet — so its footprint doesn’t need to be enlarged. It was built in the late 1920s and has a solid foundation and unique craftsmanship that will remain while the teaching/learning spaces will be redesigned and re-equipped to meet 21st century educational expectations.

Virtually every student from all 36 undergraduate majors and four graduate programs utilize Clement Hall during their CHC experience, but the current facilities have aged into inefficiency. This grant will enable the College to significantly improve the usability, appearance and efficiency of one of its key buildings.

“I am deeply grateful for the generosity of the Connelly Foundation and its continued support of Chestnut Hill College,” says Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D. “The renovations of the classrooms in Clement Hall will vastly improve the educational experience of our students and the academic environment while providing greater access to the latest state-of-the-art educational technology.”

The Connelly Foundation serves the five-county Philadelphia region and Camden, N.J. in fostering learning and improving the quality of life for residents of this area. The Foundation supports local non-profit organizations in the fields of education, health and human services, arts and culture and civic enterprise.

Josephine Mandeville, president of the Connelly Foundation, said in a press release, “So many Catholic colleges are struggling to attract more students. However, Chestnut Hill’s overall master plan is quite exciting and will benefit the sustainability of the College.”

— Brenda Lange

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