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Evolving Research Shared through Psy.D. Poster Session

Evolving Research Shared through Psy.D. Poster Session

Recently, 19 doctoral students in their third year of the five-year Psy.D. program, presented their research in the form of a poster session that was open to all students, faculty and staff on the College campus.

“At this point in the program, our research is still evolving, but it’s good to have that opportunity to defend what we have and get input and advice from the faculty and those interested in the work we are doing,” says Keri Condoluci, M.S., who presented her research on An Exploration of Primary Care Physicians’ Knowledge of Psychological Trauma, Associated Risks, and Identifying Efforts to Increase Screening Practices.

In addition to the faculty and staff that support the Psy.D. students, Meredith Kneavel, Ph.D., professor of psychology, has been bringing her undergraduate students to see the presentations for seven years.

“It’s important for the younger students to see firsthand what research is like and that it can be fun and not as scary as it sounds,” she says. “It definitely makes everything feel less big and less intimidating when the time comes for them to do projects like that.”

- Marilee Gallagher '14

This story originally appeared in the December issue of Connections.

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