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Every Little Bit Counts

Every Little Bit Counts

Students learn about the importance of philanthropy at a Wednesday "Fun at One” in March.
Students learn about the importance of philanthropy at a Wednesday "Fun at One” in March.
Brenda Lange

Getting the Scoop on Giving 
Giving of your time and money to help make life better for others is one definition of philanthropy. There are others along the same lines, and they all include the concept of “giving.”

Philanthropy is a big word, but nowhere in the definition does it say that the giving has to be similarly large. In fact, dropping your small change in the plastic collection box on the Wawa counter is philanthropic.

Not everyone understands that fact and fundraisers often hear, “I don’t have enough money to make a gift that will make a difference.”

Let’s be clear: Every little bit counts.

Last spring, an email went out to the graduating classes of all three CHC schools. Chuck Watkins, director of the Griffin Fund (the College’s annual fund) requested that every graduating senior consider donating $20.16 to match their graduation year — or more — when they picked up their cap and gown at Grad Finale.

To break that down, he was asking each graduate to donate the equivalent of slightly less than $1 for each week in the academic year. Many of us could salvage that amount from coins hiding in our couch cushions or under car seats.

And many of them answered his request. More than 90 seniors made gifts totaling about $2,000. Compare that amount to the year before when only 10 seniors made gifts, garnering about $250 for the year.

And where will the Class of 2017 land in comparison? If each graduating senior (based on current enrollment for all three schools) donated $20.17, the class gift would total nearly $11,000 in May. Not chicken feed.

“The point is, when you all work together, it doesn’t take a lot to add up,” says Watkins.

“And by giving a relatively small amount, students are building a tradition of giving and learning that all gifts don’t have to be big … they don’t need to write a big check,” adds Kimberly Yost Moyer, senior director of development.

Student Body President Joey Galantuomo agrees and has been out and about encouraging his classmates to put away their spare change. Because $20.17 can be just the beginning.

“I know how expensive it is to run the College and because I care about CHC, I know that it’s vital to build up a spirit of philanthropy within our student body,” says Galantuomo.

Galantuomo, Watkins and Moyer will present some more facts during a special ice cream social on October 17 in McCaffery Lounge — time TBD.

During “Getting the Scoop on Philanthropy” students will learn how important and simple it is to give back while they enjoy ice cream treats.

“The philanthropy of others has allowed me to receive special grants to help fund my education and has built special places such as McCaffery Lounge, which we all enjoy, and that’s where the idea of giving back comes in,” said Galantuomo. “I may not be able to donate another lounge, but I can donate something, and in some way help toward helping our institution.” 

— Brenda Lange

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