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CHC Encourages Alums to Give Innovatively as Part of New Challenge

CHC Encourages Alums to Give Innovatively as Part of New Challenge

Attention alumni! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take part in a new and innovative way of giving known as the CHC Challenge.

Born out of a poignant yet simple message offered by Jack Gulati at last year’s Commencement, the CHC Challenge is philanthropy… but with a twist!

Similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of a few years ago, accepting the challenge is easy. However, instead of pouring a bucket of water on your head, all you have to do is donate any amount to the College’s Griffin Fund. After your donation is complete, then the fun begins as you can challenge others to do the same using social media.

"Griffins are known for their ability to rise to a challenge," says Susannah Coleman, vice president for institutional advancement. "Jack Gulati recognized that in the great Class of 2015 when he asked them to remember CHC with a small gift on the anniversary of their graduation.  May 14th is just four weeks away, so my message to 2015’ers is: stand tall and take pride in taking part in the CHC Challenge and telling people about it!  Participation is so much more important than the amount of the gift."

One of these young graduates, Cristina Diaz, president of the class of 2015 and current media and community relations manager at the College, kicked off the challenge by following Gulati’s words and encouraging her classmates and fellow alumni to "write a small check” in honor of their time at CHC.

“I’m really encouraging the Class of 2015 to give, because Chestnut Hill College means so much to all of us,” says Diaz. “I felt that throughout my four years at CHC, I was so welcomed and I was always given so many opportunities to grow academically, and as a person. I gave, and will continue to give, so the College can continue providing those opportunities and even more to new students who have chosen CHC.”

As an added incentive, Gulati, a businessman and entrepreneur, has offered to match all donations made by the class of 2015 up to $50,000. And while this match only applies to the class of 2015, this hasn’t stopped graduates of all ages from getting in on the fun, as the challenge has awakened the spirit of giving throughout the entire alumni community.

“Giving back to CHC is something I try to make a point of doing and seeing the creativity in the CHC Challenge, I decided that was the perfect opportunity,” says Caitlin Kain ’13. “Without CHC, I wouldn’t have the job I have now, my best friends or any of the opportunities that I received during my four years there. I hope with my donation that it could make an impact on a future Griffin’s life to enjoy the same kind of experience I did.”

"CHC gave me so much, I had to give something back (even though it was small) as it was a way to show my gratitude," echoes Jade Thompson '14.

The challenge is open until May 14th and with many of your fellow alumni having already participated, don’t be left out. Be the latest to say, in the words of How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson, “Challenge Accepted.”

For more information on how to support the Challenge as well as a quick and easy donation form, visit the CHC Challenge website.

- Marilee Gallagher '14

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