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Adjunct Professor of Finance and Business Featured on Financial Website

Adjunct Professor of Finance and Business Featured on Financial Website

Amelia A. Drobile Amelia A. Drobile, an adjunct professor of finance and business at Chestnut Hill College, was recently interviewed on WalletHub about cash back credit cards. This is not the first time that Drobile has been featured on the site, either, having been highlighted by the company in 2017 as an expert in personal finance. WalletHub is described as an “artificially intelligent financial advisor,” offering monetary advice and credit reports alongside reviews of financial products, professionals and companies.

Below is Drobile’s full interview, reprinted with permission.

WalletHub: What would you say the best cash back credit cards all have in common?

Drobile: Cash Back Credit Cards offer the consumer an opportunity to earn cash rewards for everyday spending. Even though the rewards are not the best way to save, it can often be an advantage to those who find it difficult to save money over time. Remember, spending is required for the cash back advantage.

Do you think cash back is the best credit card rewards currency?

Most often cash back rewards are offered by banking institutions and credit card companies, whereas point reward systems are an alternative, but are often limited to specific partner relationships which can be limited in scope. If you do not frequent or purchase from these affiliated partners, the points rewards may be useless, therefore the Cash Back option offers greater flexibility.

The additional caution here could also be the frequency at which the cash back is available to the user, and some limitation to only online purchases vs. in person.

What limitations do even the best cash back credit cards tend to have?

Limitations to even the best cash back credit card offerings include, low rates of interest which are often short-lived (6-18 months), and hidden fees or high rates of interest, as with any credit card for transfers, advances and late payments.

Which cash back credit card(s) would you recommend to consumers?

The best cash back credit cards to consider would be those with low fixed APR Rates, and avoid the variable rate offers, this can cause your interest rate to move up or down, and makes it difficult to predict your costs. As far as recommendations go, you need to understand your credit risk and rating. My preference would be the offerings from Capital One, they have several options from entry level to those who are serious about their savings.

Drobile’s interview with WalletHub is available on its website at wallethub.com/best-cash-back-credit-card/#expert=amelia-a-drobile.

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