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NCAA retreat

When Mike West, head women’s basketball coach, returned from the NCAA Division II (D-II) Identity Workshop last summer, he brought back the opportunity for Chestnut Hill to participate in the NCAA D-II Campus Retreat Program.

Heart of the City class outside Pat Toomey's office

For the second consecutive year, Marie Conn, Ph.D., professor of religious studies, and Ryan Murphy, director of service-learning, co-taught the course called Heart of the City this fall. 

Pam King, cybersecurity conference

Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in America and home to close to 50 colleges and universities, and none of them have an undergraduate cybersecurity degree program. That is, until now. 

Teach in participants

The country’s largest Catholic social justice conference was held in mid-November, bringing nearly 2,000 high school and college students together to learn, reflect, pray, network and advocate in the context of the Catholic faith tradition.


When Garfield Jackson ’04 SCPS, chose to return to school in his late 50s, he did so because of his two sons. Four years later, Garfield’s experience led his wife of 47 years, Doris Jackson ’08 SCPS, to choose the School of Continuing & Professional Studies as well.

peer education

In 2012, the American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM) conducted a study on what has become a prevalent topic in sports at all levels: concussion. In 2016, Chestnut Hill College, thanks to the Mind Matters Challenge, took a huge step in advacing this topic forward even further.

biomedical lecture

The 23rd Annual Fall Biomedical Distinguished Lecture Series featured husband and wife neonatologists who spoke to a standing-room-only crowd of students, faculty, staff and members of the larger community.