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English Proficiency and ESL

English Proficiency and ESL

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English Proficiency Requirements 

Internet-based: 79 or higher
Computer-based: 213 or higher
Paper-based: 550 or higher

Overall band score of 6.0 or higher undergraduate; 6.5 or higher graduate


The following countries are exempted from submitting a test of English proficiency (for admission to CHC you will be requested to take the SAT or ACT)


Antigua & Barbuda 


New Zealand 



St. Kitts & Nevis 



St. Lucia 



St. Vincent & the Grenadines 



Solomon Islands 


Marshall Islands 

Trinidad & Tobago 

Canada (except Quebec) 


United Kingdom 




Study ESL with FLS International

Chestnut Hill College partners with FLS International to offer comprehensive ESL programs on the College’s campus. Learn more or enroll at FLS.


Other ESL Partners

Applicants who have previously attended a high school, college or university in the United States for more than one year and have earned passing grades in English courses may be exempt from an English proficiency exam. Please contact the Global Education Office.

Conditional Admission

The Conditional Admission provides international students lacking the English language proficiency necessary to enroll in partner International ESL Schools.  The students will be given the opportunity to strengthen their English-language skills first, so that they may ultimately enroll, and then succeed in classes with native English speakers.

In order to qualify for Conditional Admission, students must apply to the College and be academically admissible to their degree program.  If a student is admitted to the College with a conditional acceptance, the student must begin coursework at the ESL center and successfully complete the official or institutional TOEFL.

Once students complete the program, send their official test scores to CHC, and receive a recommendation from the program, then they are eligible to enroll in their degree program at Chestnut Hill College.

Testing Codes

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) code number:

Chestnut Hill’s code number for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is 003245.

Chestnut Hill College’s code for the SAT/ TOEFL:

CHC's code number is 2082.
Listing CHC's code on your registration form will allow us to receive an official copy of your scores directly.

Contact Ann Liberona for additional information:

Ann Liberona, M.A.
Director of Global Education
Chestnut Hill College