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March 2017

March 2017

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women's history month

In 1980, President Jimmy Carter issued a proclamation declaring the week of March 8th as National Women's History Week. It was the precursor to Women's History Month, which was created in 1987.


Ever since she was a young girl, Sarah Jo Tucker, a first-year student majoring in digital forensics, has loved to make jewelry. Starting out by stringing plastic and wooden beads, she would show up at gatherings of her large, extended family intent on selling her creations to her aunts, uncles and cousins.

golden griffins

Read on for all the fun and exciting things happening for alums at CHC! 

young science students

It was a busy month at Chestnut Hill College full of great lectures, student activities and more. Make sure to read all about it in News & Notes!

griffins in the news logo

Alumni, faculty, staff and students continue to make news and local news outlets continue to take notice. Griffins in the News lists some of the noteworthy mentions in the past weeks.

men's tennis

Did you know that the Chestnut Hill College Men’s Tennis team is the pre-season favorite in the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference?

Senator Art Haywood, Sister Carol Jean Vale, CHC president, and Martin Luther King High School Principal, Keisha Wilkins, confer Saturday afternoon.

When Sister Carol wanted to engage with Philadelphia students, she contacted State Senator Art Haywood who then reached out to Keisha Wilkins, principal of Martin Luther King High School. They were on board immediately.

IRS lecture

Is there a contradiction between what we learn from science and what we learn from theology? How can scientific discoveries enlighten religious beliefs? These are some of the questions asked and discussed by the Institute for Religion and Science (IRS) hosted at Chestnut Hill College.

black history month celebration

“I believe Black History Month is very important and is one of the many ways that we show appreciation for those who paved the way before us,” said Tomas Greer ’15, in a segment in The Griffin, student newspaper.


When it comes to life on campus, Chestnut Hill College student-athletes are always ready to be leaders and step up to the plate in order to help create a positive impact and college experience for all of their peers.