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The Legacy Conferences

The Legacy Conferences

In 2000, William Walker, Ph.D., former vice president for academic affairs, dean of the faculty and professor of history at Chestnut Hill College, came up with the idea for CHC to host a series of interdisciplinary conferences focused on historical events. The Legacy Conference series was launched in 2003 with an intensive, two-day look at the Kennedy years. The Kennedy Legacy was followed by the Legacy of the Second World War in 2005; The Legacy of 1968 in 2008; the Legacy of the Civil War in 2011 and The Legacy of World War I in 2014. These conferences have exposed Chestnut Hill College students and faculty to a broad range of national and international scholars who were pursuing active research projects while also enhancing the academic reputation of the College as a vibrant and exciting center of learning. Each year, the conference is headlined by two keynote speakers, all of whom are prominent professors and historians within the field of discussion.  

The Kennedy Legacy: A Forty-Year Perspective (2003) 

Robert Dallek, PhD, Boston University (ret) --- "The Kennedy Legacy"

Edward Berkowitz, PhD, George Washington University --- "The Kennedy Legacy" 

The Legacy of the Second World War: A Sixty-Year Perspective (2005)

Thomas Childers, PhD, University of Pennsylvania--- "The 'Greatest Generaration' Comes Home: The Untold Story of America's Returning Veterans, 1945-1950"

Omer Bartov, PhD, Brown University  --- "The Other Legacy: War Crimes, Ethnic Cleansing, and Genocide in the Wake of World War II"

The Legacy of 1968: An Interdisciplinary Conference (2008) 

Carole Fink, PhD, The Ohio State University --- "1968: An International Perspective

Sheldon Hackney, PhD, University of Pennsylvania (dec)  --- "1968: Turning Point or Detour?" 

The Legacy of the Civil War: An Interdisciplinary Conference (2011) 

Michael Burlingame, PhD, University of Illinois --- "Lincoln and the Civil War"

Elizabeth Varon, PhD, University of Virginia --- "Legacies of Appomattox: Lee's SUrrender in History and Memory"

The Legacy of World War I: A 100 Year Perspective (2014) 

Jay Winter, PhD, Yale University --- "The Great War 100 Years On: A Trans-national Perspective"

Laura Lee Downs, PhD, European University Institute --- "Women, Work, and the Transformation of State/Society Relations during the First World War: Some Long-term Legacies for European Society and Politics"

The Legacy of the Russian Revolution (2017)

Sheila Fitzpatrick (University of Sydney, Australia; University of Chicago, emeritus)

Wendy Goldman (Carnegie Mellon University).

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