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Human Services Leadership and Policy Studies

Human Services Leadership and Policy Studies

The human services profession is dedicated to providing services to those in the community in need of assistance. The goal of individuals in this field is to work to enhance the quality of life for all, especially those who are marginalized and forgotten.

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Marykate McShane, Human Services Major, Class of 2014

“At CHC our mission is alive. We are constantly reminded of the ideals we strive to meet together every time we walk through St. Joseph’s Hall... 

“At CHC our mission is alive. We are constantly reminded of the ideals we strive to meet together every time we walk through St. Joseph’s Hall and see the words of Sr. Maria Kostka Logue, “Chestnut Hill College will prepare you to learn how to earn a living, because you must. But you are here to learn how to live.” Those words along with the mission of the sisters of St. Joseph to serve the “dear neighbor” stick with you. I know it had a positive impact on me.” 

 Marykate's Internships 

"My first internship was last fall at the Sisters of Saint Joseph Welcome Center. Located in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, it provides English and computer classes as well assistance in applying for citizenship and general social services. I taught English to my own class consisting of six older Hispanic women. My second internship was at the St. Catherine Labouré Medical Clinic in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. It is a clinic that services the uninsured in Philadelphia. I spent most of my time helping patients see specialists at Albert Einstein Medical Center through their Charity Care Program. I also helped out in whatever was deemed “social work,” including looking up medicine prices, speaking one on one with patients or looking for further resources for them in the community." 

Marykate's Activities: 

Women's soccer 
Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator of Unified for UNIFAT 
La Voz Latina 
Earth Club 
Campus Ministry 

Major and Minor Requirements

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Class Experiences

At Chestnut Hill College, human services is taught through a practical lens that examines the role of individuals in the profession. Educated by highly qualified and dedicated faculty, the human services program at CHC is supported through a liberal arts education that provides students with a strong foundation for graduate and professional education and employment in an ever-changing world.

Through active, reflective and research-based learning, the coursework empowers and encourages students to make connections between theory and practices. The diversity of persons, perspectives and cultures at the College and in the workplace is valued and explored with particular emphasis and appreciation for implications of vulnerable populations. All courses are designed to make students think critically and creatively about each person's potential to contribute to a more just and humane future.

CHC is a member of the Council for Standards in Human Services Education (CSHSE), the only national organization providing standards for human services education. In addition to a bachelor's degree, the College offers a master's degree in human services and a combined B.S./M.S. program in Administration of Human Services.

Co-curricular Programs

Students who qualify with a 3.25 GPA, who are of junior or senior status and who rank in the top 35% of their graduating class, may be invited to join Tau Upsilon Alpha, the National Honor Soceity for Human Services.


Experiential learning is an important component of the human services curriculum at Chestnut Hil College. Depending on their particular area of interest, students can choose from a variety of pre-approved fieldwork sites. Fieldwork provides students with an opportunity to integrate classroom learning into work in the real world. Practical fieldwork experiences may lead to full-time employment after graduation and provide an advantage for students interested in attending graduate school.

Fieldwork placements include:

  • Campaign for Working Families
  • Office of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Dignity Housing
  • Temple Universitty's Time Out Program
  • Grand Central Inc
  • Greater Philadelphia Federation of Settlements
  • Women's Center
  • Global Education Motivators
  • Youth Build Philadelphia
BS/MS Program

The combined BS/MS program provides an excellent opportunity for qualified Human Services majors in the School of Undergraduate Studies to complete a Master of Science (MS) in Administration of Human Services in the School of Graduate Studies. 

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After Graduation

Human services workers can do many things. They work in agencies and organizations that are dedicated to providing help for others. You can find them in schools, social service agencies, mental health centers, courts, crisis counseling centers, residential treatment facilities and hospitals, just to name a few. 

In these settings they provide a broad range of services to individuals, families, groups and communities including advocacy, case management and networking.

A degree in human services provides the following:

  • Preparation for an entry-level position in a residential or community based agency that provides human services to children at risk including those in foster care, children and adults with disabilities, elders, people with mental illnesses or substance abuse problems and other vulnerable populations
  • Preparation for graduate study in human services, social work, counseling, education, law and many other fields
  • Preparation for careers that involve working with culturally diverse populations in a variety of social service settings

Human service professionals perform a variety of roles. These include:

  • Counselor to those who need support
  • Broker to help people use community resources
  • Teacher of daily living skills
  • Advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves
  • Mediator between clients and between clients and agencies
  • Caregiver to children and adults with disabilities
Contact Information

If you are interested in majoring in human services at Chestnut Hill College, please contact Lauren Barrow, Chair of the Center for Education, Advocacy and Justice Studies (BarrowL@chc.edu).

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