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What Employees Like Best About Working at Chestnut Hill College

What Employees Like Best About Working at Chestnut Hill College

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When employees move on to other jobs or retire, we ask them what they liked best about working at the College. We are pleased the vast majority have many positive responses. Below are a few of the comments they shared.

"Right from the day I interviewed, the sense of purpose and the mission were alive and well, and they fueled everything that went on here during my time. It feels like a worthwhile place to work and grow as a professional and person. It’s also a good group of people on a personal level in the College overall."

"The staff and students were my absolute favorite thing about CHC. This was my family since I was an undergrad and I am going to miss everyone greatly. I did really enjoy the atmosphere in the office."

"In the office, I learned so much from faculty, and really saw how the community comes together and takes care of one another. Most of the staff is very nurturing and supportive, and that closeness is why the College has many successful relationships."

"I truly enjoyed having a good deal of responsibility in my position as well as the opportunity to build programs within my department.  The campus community and the integration of the mission into daily work life are two elements that have been particularly positive." 

"Serving as an employee of Chestnut Hill College has allowed me to grow personally and professionally in ways that few other institutions would allow." 

"It is a pleasure to work side by side with so many conscientious co-workers on such a gorgeous welcoming campus.  The college community cultivates a warm and accepting environment for students.  More than education, there is encouragement and appreciation for students’ success on all levels including altruism, collaboration, and athleticism."  

"The people I work with made my long commute worthwhile.  CHC has a warm working environment.  The vacation benefits are also a nice bonus."

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