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Counseling Center - Virtual Campus Support

Counseling Center - Virtual Campus Support

215-248-7104  |  Saint Joseph Hall Rooms 341 - 345

If you or someone you know is in suicidal crisis, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Suicide & Crisis Intervention:  215-686-4420


Text HELLO to 741741
Free, 24/7, Confidential


Nat’l Drug & Alcohol Hotline:  800-662-HELP
Alcoholics Anonymous:              215-923-7900
Women Org. Against Rape:        215-985-3333
Poison Control Center:              215-386-2100
Nat’l Depression Hotline:          800-239-1295
Panic Disorder Hotline:             800-64-PANIC
Nat’l Domestic Violence Line:   800-799-7233
Eating Disorder Hotline:           314-588-1683
Self-Injury Prevention:              800-DONT-CUT
LGBTQIA Trevor Project:         866-488-7386
Transgender Persons:                877-565-8860

Find useful information for college student mental health on:

      www.ulifeline.org      www.halfofus.com



The Chestnut Hill College Counseling Center continues to provide therapy services to support our students during these challenging times. Please find common questions and answers about telecounseling and how to make an appointment for sessions below. 

Please also consider using the the following tools to manage stress and anxiety during these difficult times:

Feel free to email a member of the Counseling Center Staff with any questions and follow us on social media! 





What type of therapy is offered?

The Counseling Center is currently using telepsychology to offer individual therapy to students in the undergraduate, continuing studies, and graduate divisions from September to the end of April when appointment times are available.  
Referrals to other treatment services are also provided as needed.

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How do I make an appointment?

The best way to make an appointment is to phone the Counseling Center  at
215-248-7104. Please leave your name, phone number, as well as the days and times you are available to be seen. You can also email Dr. Sheila Kennedy at  kennedys@chc.edu.  We will call you to set-up your first appointment.  

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What do I do for my first appointment?

Your therapist will give you instructions on how to connect for services using Telepsychology.

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What happens in an intake interview?

Your first meeting, on a private secure telepsychology site, the Intake Interview, allows us to gather information about your current situation and determine how we can best help.  A therapist meets with you to discuss your reasons for seeking help at this time. The therapist also asks some general questions to get to know you. At the intake interview, you and the therapist will decide on the best treatment for you.  Some possible treatment options are:

· One session (some students want or need only one session)

· Several sessions

· Referral to an off campus mental health
professional, psychiatrist, or mental health treatment facility

· Referral to an off campus drug and alcohol counselor or drug and alcohol treatment

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What about confidentiality?

The Counseling Center is completely confidential, except in cases of life-threatening emergency (the threat or attempt of suicide and/or the threat of seriously injuring another person) and when we are legally required to report abuse of a minor.  Except in these extraordinary circumstances, what you and your counselor discuss, including any of the required written records can not be shared with anyone – including roommates, parents, friends, faculty, and staff – without your specific written permission.

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How do I cancel an appointment?

To cancel or reschedule an appointment call your therapist at 215-248-7104 or email them.  We would appreciate twenty-four hour notice, if possible.  Please leave a message on the confidential voicemail.

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What happens if I miss an appointment?

Please try not to miss an appointment without notifying us.  However, if you do miss an appointment, it is important to let your therapist know as soon as possible. Otherwise, the therapist may assume you do not wish to continue treatment and may offer your time to another student.

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What happens if I have an emergency?

If you have an emergency or are in crisis, go to your nearest hospital emergency room or call 911.  Do not call, contact or email the Counseling Center in the case of an emergency.  We may not receive your message.

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If I have been seen at the Counseling Center in the past, may I return if I need to?

Yes!  Students may use the Counseling Center at all times they are enrolled at the College.

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May I e-mail my counselor?

Yes!  Please use  e-mail if you need to contact your therapist about making an appointment or changing your appointment time.  Please know that e-mail is not confidential and is not  accessible by a therapist 24 hours a day.  Therefore, communication by e-mail may not be received in a timely fashion especially in the case of an emergency.

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When is the Counseling Center open?

The Counseling Center is open the first class day in August to the day before
graduation in May, Monday to Friday, when the undergraduate school is in
session.  Hours are 9 AM to 5 PM.

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Where is the Counseling Center?

The Counseling Center is located in Rooms 341-347 on the third floor of St. Joseph Hall, in the North Corridor (next to the soda machine).

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Staff Contact Information 

Sheila Kennedy, SSJ, PhD
Licensed Psychologist, Director
215-248-7104  ext.2
Lisa J. Johnson, Psy.D.
215-248-7104  ext.3