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Program Overview

Program Overview

According to the United States Department of Education, nearly every state in our country is experiencing a teacher shortage in one or more subject areas. Most critical teacher shortages have been identified in the areas of mathematics, special education, science, world languages, career and technical education and English as a second language teachers. You have arrived here to meet this need.

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The mission of Chestnut Hill College’s Masters of Education program is to develop school leaders who possess the characteristics of educators who are able to utilize instructional approaches guided by pedagogical goals to address the intellectual, social/emotional and physiological needs of students across all particular teaching contexts. Program goals are consistently informed by best-practice research literature on teaching and learning. Students working toward completion of the Masters or Post-baccalaureate certification in Education are required to complete program-specific coursework consisting of a range of 33 to 59 graduate credits. Graduate education students are able to complete Masters-level and/or Post- baccalaureate certification within an average of between 18 to 36 months.

As the dynamics of the PreK-12 student population change to include a rich, diverse community of young learners, Chestnut Hill College’s graduate education students are prepared to address the needs of all learners within our global community. Chestnut Hill College’s Masters in Education students develop core competencies in the areas of typical and atypical child development, cognition and learning, subject matter content and pedagogy, assessment methods, family and community collaboration and the unique skills necessary to provide adaptation and accommodations for diverse learners in an inclusive setting.

All Masters-level Education programs and Post-Baccalaureate programs are accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). Graduate Education students are afforded the options to complete teacher certification across seven different content areas. In addition, program preparation for Educational Leadership and Principal Licensure are available.

Graduate Education coursework is presented in a variety of formats including face-to-face, hybrid and online learning in order to align with the necessary resources for students to achieve work-life balance. Graduate Education students work in a variety of field placement settings that include exposure to the unique richness of our diverse community of scholars.

As a member of the Graduate Education program, you will be afforded the opportunity to be part of superior mentoring opportunities and you will develop unique interpersonal connections with our Education faculty that cannot be found at any other institution.

As an educator, the options for making a significant impact on the lives of young learners are immeasurable. You have landed here and can make that impact NOW. We welcome you to explore our program and encourage you to contact us with questions about the program, admissions process and financing your education.

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