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After Admission

After Admission

Each new student will be provided with a faculty advisor whose responsibility is to advise students about program requirements and mentor you into your profession. Once admitted, students are provided with appropriate first semester course recommendations. We encourage new students to contact your advisor or respective Program Director with any specific advising questions.

Upon reviewing the course recommendations for your program, you next step is to Register for Classes by term (you will need your myCHC credentials to register for classes).  

Universal Course Recommendation (All Programs*)  

  • EDUC 520  

  • EDSP 530  

  • EDSP 532  

*Reading Specialist and Educational Leadership Programs do not require EDSP 530 and 532  

Reading Specialist Program  

  • EDRG 617  

  • EDRG 605  

Educational Leadership  

  • EDLR 600  

  • EDLR 701  

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