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  • Class of 2019-2020

    Pictured L-R: Katie Murphy, Michael Oakley, Kee O'Toole, Richard Shur, Caroline Haimm, Holly Danial, Rachel Ascione

Chestnut Hill College Internship Consortium

Chestnut Hill College Internship Consortium

The Chestnut Hill College (CHC) Internship Consortium is an APA-Accredited doctoral internship program, administered by the Chestnut Hill College School of Graduate Studies’ Department of Professional Psychology. Currently, in its ninth year, the Consortium is a cooperative training program that includes clinical service agencies across the greater Philadelphia region. The Internship Consortium Director, along with the Site Directors, provide oversight of the integration and integrity of the educational and training aspects of the interns' experiences. On-site clinical supervision is provided by designated site supervisors. Each training year, the Consortium provides paid, 2,000 hour, one-year clinical internships, beginning July 1st and ending June 30th. For the upcoming 2020-2021 training year, the Consortium will be offering ten slots across eight different sites with an annual stipend of $24,000.

Phase 1 of the APPIC Match is open only to Chestnut Hill College doctoral students. Phase 2 of the Match is open to all students participating in Phase 2, including students from other doctoral programs. In Phase 2, the Consortium Director reviews all applications and forwards applications of qualified candidates to Site Directors.  Site Directors may conduct in-person, phone, or video conference interviews.

The Consortium's mission is to provide a broad and integrated internship experience that services the community and enhances the clinical skills, scholarly inquiry, and professional growth of each intern. This cooperative community of supervisors, faculty, and interns foster a professional identity and a socially responsible attitude that is consistent with the mission of Chestnut Hill College. 

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The Consortium Training Model

Consortium Site Descriptions

Internship Admissions, Supports, & Outcomes

The APA-accredited Consortium is an APPIC-member site and as such participates in the APPIC match (via National Matching Services, NMS).  All selection procedures are conducted within the APPIC guidelines, including APPIC guidelines for training sites offering multiple programs in the Match. 

Contact Information

Internship Consortium Director

Jade Logan, Ph.D., ABPP  

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Department of Professional Psychology

Chestnut Hill College   

9601 Germantown Ave.  

Philadelphia, PA 19118   



Graduate Assistant

Genesis Gonzalez

Third Year Doctoral Student


For questions about APA accreditation of the Internship Consortium, please contact:

Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
American Psychological Association
750 1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202)-336-5979/E-mail:



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