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The CHC Internship Consortium Model

The CHC Internship Consortium Model

The CHC Internship Consortium is a cooperative training program that includes clinical service agencies across the greater Philadelphia region and is currently in its ninth year of training interns. The Consortium provides oversight of the integration and integrity of the educational and training aspects of the interns' experiences. On-site clinical supervision is provided by designated site supervisors at each internship site.

The intern’s clinical training occurs at a primary member agency or institution (“site”), and the intern and the site, along with the Consortium, enter into an agreement that the intern will train at that particular site. All member sites share the training goals of the Consortium, and each site provides on-site supervision for their intern(s). All requests for information about member sites or how to apply to the Consortium are made and coordinated through the Internship Consortium Director.

The Consortium provides weekly, in-person didactic activities and regular group supervision of the interns on Fridays from 9 am-5 pm. Didactic Modules include research seminars, independent research time, professional development seminars, and didactic seminars in the areas of Professional Practice/Clinical Issues, Ethics, Diversity, Assessment, Supervision & Consultation. These weekly meetings also provide the means for all interns to interact regularly as a cohort. While most of the didactic activities take place at Chestnut Hill College, some didactic activities are held at the various Consortium sites during the training year, providing interns with exposure to a variety of clinical settings. For the 2022-2023 training year, a day-long orientation for supervisors and interns will take place at Chestnut Hill College (Date TBD). 

The Chestnut Hill College Consortium model enables and encourages cross-training among all sites so that interns can be exposed to diverse and broad training experiences. This cross-training may include opportunities for assessment, treatment, outreach activities, supervision of practicum students, shadowing of other interns, and participation in member sites' workshops and didactic activities. The amount of cross-training that takes place between sites is dependent upon the needs and experiences of each intern, the opportunities provided by each site to meet all of the goals of the internship, each particular site’s offerings and its ability to provide cross-training, and the training interests of interns. All cross-training is coordinated through the Internship Consortium Director.

The Internship Consortium Manual provides further information about the Consortium's training philosophy; intern duties; ethical standards; Consortium goals, opportunities, and training plan; due process; evaluation process; and exit criteria. Interns who train at a Consortium site are expected to be familiar with and adhere to all components of the Internship Training Manual, as well as their individual site's policies and procedures.


From July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021, all intern didactic seminars and group supervision sessions will be conducted virtually. Interns are required to be engaged online every Friday with occasional breaks. Virtual lunches and other online activities will be scheduled in order to help interns create community while the college conducts virtual learning. Beginning September 1, 2021, didactic seminars and group supervision will be conducted in-person on site. Masks are required at all times while on-site. Interns are required to be vaccinated for COVID-19 and documentation of that vaccination must be provided to Human Resources upon hire. Interns may apply for an exemption to this requirement via Human Resources. Please inquire for further details. In reference to a particular site within the consortium, please carefully review each site's description to determine how interns are conducting psychotherapy, assessments, and individual supervision at their respective sites.

Interviews conducted during the 2021-2022 application year will be in-person and/or virtually. Each site will determine the format in which interviews are conducted. Some sites will be conducting virtual tours and others will permit in-person tours. All applicants will have the opportunity to speak with current interns virtually, in-person and/or via email.

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Intern Administrative, Clerical, and Technical Support

At Chestnut Hill College, interns are provided with administrative, clerical, and technical support as needed throughout the year.  The Consortium has two 12-hour per week Graduate Assistant and a 10-hour per week Administrative Assistant employed by and located at CHC.  During the internship orientation for the Consortium, interns are given CHC ID cards that provide access to the library, gym, dining hall, computer lab equipped with SPSS, and other CHC facilities.  Interns are also provided with a CHC username and password, which provides access to Microsoft Teams (an online teaching portal) and scholarly databases such as PsychInfo. CHC email and Microsoft Teams are also used as a means for communication between the Consortium Director and interns.  All interns are provided with CHC parking passes free of charge.

Please refer to individual consortium site descriptions for information regarding administrative, clerical, and technical support at each internship site.