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M.Ed. in Secondary Education

M.Ed. in Secondary Education

Secondary Education (Students select content area)

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Foreign Languages (Spanish or French K-12)

Secondary Education (with content area)

Chestnut Hill College’s master’s program in Secondary Education integrates theory and practice concerning the cognitive, social and educational development of students in secondary education programs. The program reflects contemporary research and scholarship in education and incorporates strategies to meet the needs of special populations, such as students with disabilities and diverse cultures. The course of study also takes into consideration the strengths, needs and interests of individual candidates.

Teacher candidates in the Secondary Education program select a content area of concentration. Prerequisite course evaluations are conducted upon the receipt of an application for admission into the Secondary Education teacher certification program. All official transcripts from institutions attended are reviewed for course content appropriate to the desired certification area. Applicants missing prerequisite coursework will be given course recommendations required for admission into Secondary Education teacher certification programs.

Complete All:

  • EDUC 520 Educational Research and Evaluation
  • EDUC 620 Child and Adolescent Development and Theory- Birth through Adulthood
  • EDUC 621  Foundations of Education PK-12
  • EDUC 526 Secondary Methods and Assessment
  • EDSC 517-521 Special Methods in Content Area (Select One)
    • 517:  English
    • 518:  Social Studies 
    • 519: Biology/Chemistry
    • 520: Mathematics
    • 521:  Foreign Language (Spanish or French K-12)
  • EDSP 522 Balanced Literacy Across the PK-12 Continuum
  • EDSP 530 Theory and Pedagogy in Special Education
  • EDSP 535 Evaluation/Assessment and the Law for Students with Disabilities
  • EDSP 532 The English Language Learner
  • EDSC 533 Secondary Student Teaching  
  • EDSC 534 Secondary Student Teaching Seminar 


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