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M.Ed. in Educational Leadership/Principal Certification Program

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership/Principal Certification Program


  • Prior certification with three (3) years of satisfactory professional experience and/or three (3)years of satisfactory professional experience within an educational setting that is related to the instructional process.”
  • Review of professional experience is conducted by Program Director, additional prerequisite course work may be required for candidates who do not possess Instructional I certification

The Graduate Program in Educational Leadership is designed to provide educators with the skills and concepts necessary to function as principals, assistant principals and supervisors in K-12 settings. Establishing a positive school climate, developing school goals, a shared vision, supervision and evaluation of teaching and non-teaching staff members, and building community support for schools are some of the skills developed in this program. There is a focus on a changing society and the diverse issues that can affect a school, including the gaps of attitude, opportunity and achievement. Curriculum development and assessment as well as staff development will be addressed for all candidates. This program will be offered in an accelerated format. The courses will be experiential in nature with an emphasis on field studies.

Accelerated and Intensive Summer Program Format

Classes are designed and delivered in an accelerated format to allow candidates to complete the program in 18-months. A six-credit practicum is required. Students who begin in the program must stay enrolled in order to complete the required courses on schedule. If students skip a term, the planned schedule courses will not be offered the following term. Please consult with your advisor for any changes in your program.


The internship is a vital part of the educational leadership program. The candidate seeking specialization in leadership must complete a total of 360 hours, the majority of which includes a supervised internship in a school setting covering an entire school year. The candidate, with the internship supervisor, will define a program improvement and/or problem-solving project that will be carried out in the student’s school. The candidate’s Chestnut Hill College supervisor must approve the Page 122 project. The candidate’s Principal/Mentor must agree in writing to allow the internship and project to take place in her/his school. The candidate’s Principal/Supervisor will be an integral part of the internship.

Total Credits: 33
Total Courses: 11

  • EDLR 600 Conceptual Foundations for School Leadership
  • EDLR 610 Curriculum Theory, Development and Issues, Part 1
  • EDLR 611 Curriculum Theory, Development and Issues, Part 2
  • EDLR 615 The Improvement of Instruction, Staff Development, and Supervision
  • EDLR 620 The Principal as an Effective Agent of Change
  • EDLR 630 School and Community Relations
  • EDLR 635 School Law
  • EDLR 640 Personnel and Pupil Administration and Management
  • EDLR 701 Educational Leadership Internship I (3 credits)
  • EDLR 702 Educational Leadership Internship II (3 credits)
  • EDUC 520 Educational Research and Evaluation (Required for M.Ed.)
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