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Writing Center

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers a number of writing support services for students and faculty.

  • · In-person tutoring in SJH 333
  • · Synchronous online tutoring through Microsoft Teams
  • · Asynchronous email tutoring
  • · Writing workshops
  • · In-class workshops by faculty request
  • · A writing resource library, including handouts, handbooks, and other writing-related resources


Why See a Writing Tutor?

All writers – even very advanced ones – benefit from having a kindly-but-critical reader to review their work and offer suggestions for improvement. Whether you are staring at an assignment and trying to figure out how to get started or putting the final polish on an assignment you’ve been carefully crafting for weeks or months, a writing tutor can help. Writing tutors provide constructive feedback and guidance to writers across the college on all stages of the writing process. Here, for example, are some of the ways we can work with you on your writing:  
  • · Help you decode assignments and determine whether a draft meets assignment requirements,
  • · Help you brainstorm and organize your ideas,
  • · Help you identify and draft components of an effective argument, such as thesis statements, source-based evidence, contextualizing explanations, and effective introductory and concluding paragraphs,
  • · Help you incorporate source material effectively and appropriately using quotes, paraphrases, and citations,
  • · Help you learn to revise by identifying sentences, paragraphs, and ideas that need expanding, cutting, or reorganizing,
  • · Help you identify and correct problems with sentence clarity and patterns of sentence error, especially those that interfere with meaning, and
  • · Help you understand and incorporate feedback from peer reviewers or professors.
For more information on how writing tutors can help (and what we can’t do!), see our Writing Tutoring FAQ.

Make an Appointment for In-Person or Online Tutoring

Go to our Microsoft Bookings page to schedule an appointment. You can choose between four options:
  • · Quick Session (25-minute, in-person session)
  • · In-Depth Session (50-minute, in-person session)
  • · Online Session (50-minute, synchronous online session in Microsoft Teams)
  • · Read-Ahead Tutoring (specialized 50-minute session for senior seminar and graduate students working on papers longer than 15 pages; you can choose between in-person and online)
After you select an appointment type and time, we will ask you some questions about your assignment to help us prepare for your session. Not sure which session type is right for you? Check out our FAQ!

Submit a Paper to Email Tutoring

Go to our Email Tutoring Submission Form to send your paper to our email tutors. You can upload your paper right in the form. We will also ask you some questions about your assignment to help guide our feedback.
A writing tutor will send feedback on your paper to your CHC email address within 48 hours.

Request an In-Class Workshop

Faculty, you can send your students to the Writing Center, but did you know that you can also bring the Writing Center directly to your students? We can provide a brief Intro to the Writing Center presentation or lead a longer writing workshop tailored to an assignment in your course. Check out our Workshop FAQ for details on how a workshop can help and a list of our common workshop topics. Use our Workshop Request Form to select a workshop topic and request a date.

Writing Center - Fall 2021 Hours

Check back for evening and weekend hours as additional tutors join our staff!
  • · MONDAY: 9am – 4:30 pm
  • · TUESDAY: 9am – 4:30 pm
  • · WEDNESDAY: 9am – 4:30 pm
  • · THURSDAY: 9am – 4:30 pm
  • · FRIDAY: 9am – 4:30 pm

What to Bring to Your Session:

Please bring the following items to your visit:
  • · Your assignment prompt and course syllabus
  • · A copy of your draft, if you have one started (printed or electronic)
  • · Questions about your assignment itself or concerns about your writing in general


Contact Us:

Jaime Lynn Longo, Ph.D. 
Director of the Writing Center
SJH 333  
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Upcoming Events

Workshops are located on the 2nd Floor, St. Joe's Hall, Rm 245. More info: