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Writing Center

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers individual tutoring, group workshops, and a resource library.

Due to COVID-19, the Writing Center will conduct tutoring sessions entirely online through videoconferencing (Zoom) or email. However, a tutor will be present (during Spring 2021 semester) inside the writing center to help students adapt to online tutoring and to provide writing center resources, such as writing/grammar handouts and books.


To make a Zoom appointment with a writing center tutor, please email the writing center – – and include the following information:

-The date/time you would like to meet

-The name of the class and professor’s name associated with your assignment

-A brief description of your assignment and what you would like to focus on

-Please attach to your email a draft of your paper or essay

To utilize email tutoring, please attach your paper or essay and include name of class, professor's name, and questions to Tutors typically respond within 48 hours.

If you need immediate help or would like clarification on how to access the writing center’s services, please call 215-248-7114 or email us.

We also encourage students to follow us on Twitter (@writingCHC) and Instagram (@CHC_Writing_Center) for the latest news and updates.



MONDAY: 9am – 5pm

TUESDAY: 9am – 5pm

WEDNESDAY: 9am – 5pm

THURSDAY: 9am – 8pm

FRIDAY: 9am – 5pm


Writing Center tutors assist students in various stages of the writing process. More specifically, tutors can help students with the following:

  • Understanding an assignment
  • Generating their own ideas to get started on a paragraph or essay
  • Focusing or organizing a paragraph or essay
  • Providing feedback on a rough draft
  • Generating their own topic sentences for paragraphs and thesis statements for essays
  • Learning how to proofread and edit their own papers
  • Understanding how to revise a paragraph or essay according to an instructor's suggestions
  • Reviewing rules for grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure (avoiding fragments, run-on sentences)
  • Reviewing guidelines for how to document research (APA, MLA, Chicago)

Please bring the following items to your visit:

  • Assignment guide and course syllabus
  • Printed copy of your paper
  • Questions on the assignment or on grammar/writing in general

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Writing Center

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