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Bachelor of Arts
Media and Communication
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Media and Communication

Media and communication is a continuously growing and exciting field that includes social media, public relations, journalism, and media production. Students develop skills in media creation, media analysis, and professional communication that can be applied in a broad range of careers. Students learn digital and visual storytelling, television production, scriptwriting, feature writing, editing, and much more. Majors graduate with a diverse and vast background in the field along with the ability to utilize the software and new media technologies used daily in the industry

Why Study Media & Communication at CHC?

At Chestnut Hill College, the Media & Communication program combines experiential, hands-on learning with a long tradition of deep, critical thinking. In small and highly interactive classes, students engage in creative content production alongside critical thinking about our global media landscape. 

Professors bring decades of industry and intellectual expertise to the classroom and mentor students in developing their own professional styles. A degree in Media & Communication prepares students for civic engagement in a media dominant world and equips them with the tools needed to become media savvy professionals. 

Student Activities: 

Publications & Groups:

The Media & Communication program also oversees following professionalized student publications and groups on campus:

  • The Griffin is the student newspaper of Chestnut Hill College. The newspaper covers topics relevant to campus and college life, including news, sports, arts and culture, and interest stories. Involvement can include writing, editing, design, or photography. The Griffin is committed to the highest journalistic standards and endeavors to provide the College and the community at large with relevant information. 
  • Griffin Media is the College’s multi-media production platform for student creative media works, which includes television, film, and audio podcast productions. Involvement can include filming, interviewing, editing, lighting, camera work, sound effects, and various other skills in broadcast. Griffin Media is intentionally modeled after smaller community-driven, public access media outlets to align with the mission of the College and its commitment to visibility, building bridges and initiating dialogue with our dear neighbor. 
  • Griffin PR is the student public relations operation internal to the College. Students work with student clubs, academic departments, and staff within the College to build campaigns that bring awareness to programs and activities on campus. Griffin PR also works with local organizations to supporting programs that align with the mission of the college and contribute to the legacies of the Sisters of St Joseph, using public relations tactics and strategies to accomplish goals. 

Production Workshops:

Students are not only given one-on-one attention and mentoring, but also receive experience based training in one (or more) areas of their choice. These hands-on learning opportunities take the form of workshops where students learn the industry standards for each production outlet:

  • The Griffin workshop is designed to connect academic excellence with career skills in digital journalism, including news writing, feature writing, opinion writing, essay writing, writing reviews, editing and design. Students hold staff positions, make editorial decisions about content, and manage deadlines for publication.
  • Griffin Media workshop is designed to connect academic excellence with career skills in studio production from pre-production and planning to postproduction, broadcast, and distribution. Students hold staff positions, make regular contributions to broadcast content, and manage deadlines for production release. 
  • Griffin PR workshop is designed to connect academic excellence with career skills in media relations, strategic communication, and public relations tactics. Students hold staff positions and will make regular contributions to campaign content, including meeting deadlines for final products. 

Additionally, students who have an overall GPA of 3.0 and major GPA of 3.25 may be invited to join Lambda Pi Eta, the National Honor Society for Communication Studies.


Beyond what students learn in the classroom, Media & Communication majors at CHC are also challenged to take that information and impart it into real world experience. All majors are required to complete at least one internship, though many go on to complete a second for personal benefit. Students find these real-world experiences invaluable to their professional growth and networks. Our students have completed highly rewarding internships at 6ABC News, Al Día News, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Comcast SportsNet, ESPN Films, Philadelphia Style Magazine, Walt Disney World, and WHYY just to name a few.

This program offers:

  • Major: Media and Communication
  • Minor: Media and Communication
  • Minor: Film Production & Studies

Career Outlook

Graduates of Chestnut Hill College’s Media & Communication program are career ready for a wide range of professions within the field, including applying their skills in professional communication and media production to related fields. These are just some of the career titles and future pathways!


Event Planner


Audio Visual Specialist

Foreign Correspondent

Production Assistant



Publication Editor

Camera Operator

Human Resources Manager

Public Relations Specialist

Career Counselor

Intercultural Communications 




Radio / TV Announcer




Communications Specialist

Media Analyst


Community Relations Specialist

Media Consultant

Social Media Manager


Media Critic

Sound Technician

Copy Editor

Media Planner

Special Events Coordinator


Media Relations

Speech Writer

Corporate Communications

Media Specialist


Digital Content Creator

News Analyst

Station Programmer


News Anchor

Television Writer

Disc Jockey

News Reporter

Video Producer


News Editor


Contact Info

If you are interested in becoming a Media and Communication major at Chestnut Hill College, please email the Integrated Humanities Center at humanities@chc.edu