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The Griffin Fund

The Griffin Fund

The Griffin Fund is a crucial resource that supports scholarships for deserving students; allows us to attract and retain talented faculty; and helps us offer diverse service-learning opportunities. Annual giving to the fund is the most important way you can support the College!


Dear Friends of Chestnut Hill College,

Now that I’m a senior at Chestnut Hill College, I realize how grateful I am for donors like you. 

This May, I will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a minor in business administration. The scholarships and financial aid I’ve received made it possible for me to live out a dream I inherited long ago.   

Back in 1996, my mother was extremely excited to receive her acceptance letter to Chestnut Hill College. She knew attending the College would put her on the path to achieving her goals and accomplishing her dreams; however, during her senior year in high school, her life went in a different direction when she discovered she was pregnant with me. Then, about a decade later, my cousin, Lacey Gallagher, was a senior in high school preparing to attend Chestnut Hill College. Prior to attending, Lacey was in a car accident and passed away.

So I believe I was destined to attend Chestnut Hill College. Everything I do here – from my academics to involvement in both athletics and accounting services, to being an admissions ambassador, and an orientation leader – is done for my mother and my cousin. This has been my opportunity to honor their aspirations, and to fulfill our legacy of dreams. 

Chestnut Hill College has changed my life in the greatest way. If it weren’t for generous donors like you, accomplishing this legacy of dreams wouldn’t have been possible. I thank you for all that you have helped me achieve, and I’m so excited to see where this journey will lead me. 


Erin Crowley ’19 

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For questions about the Griffin Fund contact:

Michelle Presnall
Associate Director of Development 

The College's Tax ID # is 23-135-2626