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Endowed Funds

Endowed Funds

One of the best ways to preserve and enhance Chestnut Hill College for future generations is to make a gift to the College’s endowment.

The General Endowment

The simple fact is that the endowment is the future of the College. All gifts designated to the endowment or an endowed fund become pooled principle and only the interest is used, so the initial investment may grow exponentially each year.

Interest from the endowment is used to support the College's operating expenses, to build programs for the future, and to cover unexpected expenses.  A portion is reinvested in the endowment. The greater the endowment, the greater CHC’s financial stability. 

Endowed scholarships

The establishment of an endowed scholarship fund, which begins with a $25,000 gift, enables Chestnut Hill College to give every student the opportunity to benefit from a mission-based, academically rigorous, liberal arts education.

Endowment power

Together, endowment funds reflect the financial health of an institution. Organizations that rank and grade institutions of higher education consider the size of the endowment when awarding those ranks. For donors, endowment gifts offer the satisfaction and security of knowing their investment in Chestnut Hill College will have impact for generations to come. CHC’s goal is to strengthen our endowment for our student scholarships and to build for our future. When making your gift to Chestnut Hill College, please consider designating your gift for the endowment.

For more information

For information about endowed scholarship funds or gifts to the endowment contact:

Erin Wooley
Vice President of Institutional Advancement

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