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After Graduation

After Graduation

98% of our graduates move on to jobs or graduate school. Below meet some of our students and read about what they have accomplished. We will keep adding more.

Allison Eberly ’14

Mayo Clinic Clinical Microbiology Fellowship

Allison currently is a Ph.D. candidate in biomedical sciences at Vanderbilt University in the lab of Dr. Maria Hadjifrangiskou. She recently was selected for the Mayo Clinic Clinical Microbiology Fellowship, a prestigious fellowship with only 15 programs in the country and only one student accepted every one to two years. 

Ali majored in molecular biology and chemistry, earning dual-departmental honors. During her time at CHC, Ali gave 10 presentations and attended prestigious scientific conferences and meetings around the country. 

Through three unique internship opportunities, she was exposed to both industrial and academic areas of research. She interned at Boise State University through the National Science Foundation, JRF America and at CHC and Temple University through the SEPCHE Institutionalizing STEM Undergraduate Research Faculty-Student Research Project.

Ali has dreamed of becoming a doctor since she was a child and chose to attend CHC after being recruited to play volleyball. While a student, Ali was a resident assistant, co-president of the Activities Team, secretary of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, ran cross-country and was inducted into four honor societies. In addition, she earned grades that kept her on the dean’s list and the athletic academic honor roll. She also co-founded CHC's Chemistry Club.

CHC afforded me the opportunity to partake in many different extra-curricular activities, while still challenging me academically. Without my relationship with my professors at CHC, I would never have had the opportunity to find my true passion — scientific research.

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Seth Jacobson ’07 and Amanda Cappelletti '10

William Penn Fellowship

Seth and Amanda were both selected for the William Penn Fellowship, a two-year fellowship in Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s office beginning in August 2017.

Jacobson, who will defend his Ph.D. dissertation in educational leadership and learning technologies at Drexel University’s School of Education in June, earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from CHC as part of the first coed class. Amanda earned her Juris Doctorate and Master of Public Health from Temple University, where she was also a Law and Public Policy Scholar and graduated cum laude from Chestnut Hill College with a bachelor of science degree in International Business, Language and Culture with a focus in Spanish.

As part of the fellowship, Seth Jacobson will work full-time with senior and top-ranking government officials on projects related to the administration’s education priorities, specifically statewide higher education initiatives. He also will participate in leadership development trainings, attend events with the state’s top private and public sector leaders and serve on projects that align with the governor’s priorities of “Jobs that pay, schools that teach and government that works,” according to  

Jacobson was selected from more than 250 applicants for this competitive post and interviewed personally by the governor and his cabinet, Jacobson is excited by the prospect of beginning the next phase of his career.

“This is an opportunity for me to work with state leaders, particularly in areas around higher education, which will be my focus,” he says.

“I have a deep-seated commitment to public service and to education and this is a place where the two converge. The fellowship will allow me to deepen my commitment to both.

“CHC instilled in me a solid sense of service and I have been doing that ever since. Now I get to do that again at the policy level around education, an issue I care greatly about,” he adds.


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Pete Kidd

Property Claims Manager at Farmers Insurance

Pete oversees a team of seven people virtually.  His day consists of phone calls with his direct reports, customers and agents and conference calls on new business initiatives. 

He also is responsible for training his direct reports and ensuring that information is delivered to them in a clear manner to drive key performance initiatives. Lastly, he is responsible for any HR related issues and approval of claim decisions and settlements above his direct reports authority for property homeowner claims.

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Greg Kotchi, Gina Davidson and Brianna Addison

Philadelphia Police Department; Martin Law

Two CHC alums and criminal justice majors were recently commissioned into the Philadelphia Police Department. Shown in uniform are Greg Kotchi and Gina Davidson. Brianna Addison, center, is another criminal justice major who is currently employed with Martin Law in Philadelphia. Three other graduates — Sean Gil, Seamus Radtke and Renee Davis — have recently completed the Philadelphia Police Academy.

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Noel Hightower '16

Director of Men's Basketball operations at Lehigh University

Noel is the director of men’s basketball operations at Lehigh University where he is pursuing a master’s degree in educational leadership. 

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Maryanne Walsh '98, '02

Director of Marketing and Sales Operations at Myoderm

Maryanne is the Director of Marketing and Sales Operations at Myoderm, where she has played a pivotal role with the Global Clinical Supplies Group, volunteering as the head of marketing.

She has helped Myoderm gain additional global exposure through her former position. In her expanded role, she will be responsible for internal communications, heading up the cross-functional communications team. 

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Georges Beyiha ’15

Bikes Made from Bamboo

Georges started his own business creating sustainable bicycles from bamboo.

“Our mission at BooomersUSA is to provide earth-friendly transportation, promote a healthy lifestyle and provide jobs in underserved communities in Philadelphia,” says Beyiha, a native of Cameroon.

Beyiha is hard at work networking in meetings with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny and the Chamber of Commerce who he hopes will find a piece of land the city might dedicate to growing bamboo so the major component of the bikes could be produced right here in the U.S.

He also is meeting with various college and university officials around the city in hopes of finding grants and/or partners interested in investing in sustainable business practices or to purchase bikes for their students. Ultimately, he would like to add children’s bikes, recumbent and city bikes to the line-up, along with bamboo hemp for cycling clothing and accessories including helmets, saddles and more. He also hopes to provide jobs to more Philadelphians in the near future.

“Those are my goals,” says Beyiha. “I also would like to have partnerships with colleges and universities and to form a bike share program using the bamboo bikes, maybe through some of the bike shops in the city. Right now, I’m just trying to spread the word.”

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Abigail Palko, Ph.D., ’96

Director of the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center at the University of Virginia.

Abigail recently was named Director of the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center at the University of Virginia. She can draw a line connecting her Chestnut Hill College education with this accomplishment.

“My firm philosophical commitment to women’s issues is rooted in my own undergraduate years at CHC, which convinced me of the importance of preparing young women to be the strong leaders our changing world needs for the future,” she says.

“When I think of my core group of friends from those years, we all came in with an image of ourselves and our future that in retrospect was so much smaller than what we’ve accomplished. Each of us has so much more expansive of a life than we had dreamed of as incoming freshmen, and I credit this richness to our time at CHC.”

This position is far from her first foray into women’s issues. Prior to this appointment, she served as the Associate Director of the Gender Studies Program at the University of Notre Dame, and earned her Ph.D. in literature with a graduate minor in gender studies from that institution.

She has written a just-released book, “Imagining Motherhood in Contemporary Irish and Caribbean Literature,” and has written several articles and book chapters examining mothering practices as well as how Irish and Caribbean women writers understand the figure of the Good Mother in their writing. Currently, she is co-editing two books about mothering issues.

The Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center offers resources that support the wellbeing of women and men of the university community as well as members of the local community. She is excited by her new role, saying, “The Women’s Center has the programming and resources to lead a sustained conversation about the impact of gender norms on our individual lives. It’s my goal to foster an environment that addresses the particular needs of women students outside the classroom and serves as a tool for students to engage with gender justice and social change movements.”

Staff members also mentor students through learning and leadership opportunities that combine service work with classroom studies of gender equity and other social justice issues.

Palko said in an interview with the University of Virginia’s publication, UVAToday:

“I earned my undergraduate degree at Chestnut Hill College, which was an all-women’s college when I attended. We didn’t have a women’s center – because the whole campus was our women’s center! I am the woman I am today because of the mentorship and example of the faculty and my fellow students that I was so privileged to experience. It brings me great personal and professional satisfaction to step into this position now; it feels like returning to my roots.”

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Cody Jett ’11

Information analyst for CHOP's Analytical and Reporting Department

Cody is responsible for building applications for the hospital to assist in patient care and he helps create data marts which allow end users to use the self-serving report building services.  In addition to coding, a significant part of his job includes documentation and training end users correctly.  

Finding the job: The application process was very lengthy and consisted of code test, phone interviews and in-person interviews with multiple team members. It can definitely be discouraging when you’re interviewing for a position and the process takes weeks to conduct. But it is worth it!

Advice to Undergrads: My advice would be this: Do not narrow your futures goals to just your major. Enjoy all the experiences life and college offer you. You are more than just that major and you may find joy in a career outside of your major. As you can see I certainly have.

What I Miss Most: I miss the winter and summer breaks! Take full advantages of those, because one day you’re going to have to get permission from a boss for vacations!

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