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Career Planning Resources

Career Planning Resources

Career Connections (CARE 101: Career Connections) began as an innovative mentor program linking students with successful alumnae/i to learn more about potential professions and careers. It is a non-academic credit required for graduation. The program has expanded to include other career related opportunities such as internships, part-time positions, and other relevant experiences.

The following options will complete your Career Connections requirements: 

  •  Internship or Co-op: Experiential education opportunity that provide practical career-related work experience
  • Job Shadow with Alumni Mentors or other Professionals: Volunteers that offer to host a student for a half or full-day experience to learn about a particular career field
  • Part-time Job in your field of interest or related industry
  • Road-Trip or Group Site Visit with Career Development 
  •  Informational Interview: A conversation, similar to a job interview, but instead of the employer interviewing you, you get to ask questions of the professional about his/her background, skills, education, and job responsibilities
  • Career Success Course: Six week-long session with Career Development staff that address interviewing, résumé building, and other career topics
  • Attendance at a career-related event (such as, law school panel, information session with employer interaction, etc.) 
U.S. Department of Labor O*Net Occupational Information Network provides occupational information for the Nation. The database is a flexible, skills-based system that describes job requirements and worker attributes. Team O*Net designed a set of self-directed career exploration and assessment tools to help you consider career options, prepare for work, and make career transitions. They include an Interest Profiler, a Work Importance Profiler, and an Ability Profiler. They will allow users to relate their interests, work values, and abilities to specific occupations.

U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook. A nationally recognized source of career information, this site provides valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. The U.S. Department of Labor updates this Web site regularly and is packed with helpful info on skills, pay, working conditions, training and education, projected growth, related jobs, and much more. You have three ways to find career information on this site: 1) search by specific occupation; 2) search multiple occupations using cluster buttons; 3) search alphabetical listings.

Job Shadow: Here at Job Shadow you can read real interviews from people as they talk about the jobs they do and the careers they have. If you’re career hunting, trying to find out what career is right for you, don’t like your current job, want to career mentor and help others, or just plain curious you can read about and explore the different career options and shadow people's jobs online. Click on the 'career hunting' link to the right to get started if you're looking to find motivation, career information, and a job you'll love.

Cost of Living Calculator: Students can critically evaluate how far their money will go when considering internship or job opportunities in different cities. Additionally, the Cost of Living Index allows students to tailor their comparisons based on demographics (i.e. student or recent graduate) and gives them relatable and easy points of references such as the price of a cup of coffee or a movie ticket as well as essential living costs like rent, transportation and healthcare.

Job Choices: Now available from NACE—Job Choices in digital format! Get resume and interview tips, links to employer websites, and more! Click here for the Standard edition, and here for the Diversity edition.

Glassdoor: With Glassdoor, students can research employee reviews, salaries, and interview questions on over 280,000 companies to help them make important career decisions. For a tutorial video on how to get the most out of Glassdoor click here: Glassdoor Tutorial 

Ready Prep Interview: With Ready Prep Interview, you can find interview questions specific to the position you are interviewing for!
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