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Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations


From journalism to the fine arts, from social justice to the environment at Chestnut Hill College there are more than 30 organizations devoted to a variety of student interests. Through their involvement in clubs, Griffins connect with fellow students, influence the CHC community and share their enthusiasm for their special interests.

Involvement Fair

At the Involvement Fair you will have the opportunity to learn about all of CHC's clubs and organization. Take the time to meet club leaders and find other students who share your passion!

Sample Clubs and Organizations

Chestnut Hill College offers clubs for a wide range of interests. Here are just a few highlights! 


Student Government Association (SGA)

 Each student at Chestnut Hill College is part of the most influential organization on campus, the Student Government Association (SGA).  You and your fellow students elect student representatives who make sure your voice is always heard. 

SGA commits itself to actively representing the student body while striving to serve the school community with leadership, equality, dedication, loyalty, and responsibility.  Moreover, by preserving the traditions of the College, SGA encourages an appreciation and awareness of the College and the world at-large.  For more information on their policies and events, check out the SGA Constitution

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Mask & Foil

Mask & Foil, one of our oldest organizations, is CHC's drama club. Each year the club produces a student-run fall play, participates as Harry Potter characters in the quidditch activities, performs a variety show and much more!

Recent shows have included: It's a Wonderful Life, Who Am I This Time? (And Other Conundrums of Love), Delightful Quarantine, Larry's Favorite Chocolate Cake, and Our Town!

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