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Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Upon completing the program, graduates will be able to:

  • Create a shared vision to effectively lead and manage staff in an organization while identifying the challenges of working with diverse groups.
  • Understand the role and strategies of an effective leader and apply them in a variety of situations including leading in a challenging and turbulent environment.
  • Leverage technology including retrieving and analyzing data in making effective decisions to optimize organizational resources.
  • Understand how organizational culture can influence ethical conduct within an organization.
  • Analyze an organization’s financial strengths and weaknesses. Develop a comprehensive budget that effectively utilizes an organization’s resources.
  • Apply negotiation and conflict resolution skills to effectively address interpersonal and organizational conflicts to improve team performance, staff retention, and morale.

The above learning outcomes culminate in a final capstone project completed at the end of the program. The capstone projects presented were used to start new companies, engage with current employees, gain insight into leadership positions, and innovative ideas used to present to shareholders to improve organizations.  These projects were conducted on topics including:

  • Are First Born Children More Likely to Become a World Leader? (a study based on birth order theory and leadership) 

  • Ethical Leadership Perspective in Sports (a qualitative study on the overview of decision-makers in sports)

  • Culture Change and the Retention and Recruitment of Staff in Early Childcare Centers and Education (a qualitative study of changing culture from top management to increase retention and recruitment)

  • The Challenges and Best Practices of Student Leadership in Higher Education (a qualitative study for improvement and growth in Higher Education) 

  • How Organizational Culture in Healthcare Impacts Patient Experience (a qualitative study on organizational culture and the patient experience in healthcare) 

  • An Exploration of the Assimilation of a UN Internship Program (a qualitative study showing increased enrollment and employment opportunities with an IHE internship program) 

  • Top Prospects Baseball Academy (a business plan for top notch baseball coaches to train future athletes) 

  • The Barn LLC (a business plan for a gym founded on a strong passion for weightlifting and a healthy lifestyle) 

  • Racial Microaggression Experiences and Coping Strategies of Black women in Corporate Leadership (a qualitative study to help understand and analyze racial microaggression experiences and coping strategies of Black women in corporate leadership) 

  • The Impact Technology has on Insurance this Decade (a qualitative study on the positive and negative reactions of technology in the insurance industry)  

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