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Campus Ministry Team

Campus Ministry Team

Spirituality is a pathway to God. Spirituality is engagement with God. All religions have a sense of the transcendent. In Christianity we call the transcendent God. In Christianity, we believe that God has revealed this transcendence in the person of Jesus Christ. Spirituality may be seen in traditions and rituals. Spirituality is also seen on how spiritual people try to live their lives. A spiritual person can be recognized by their virtues and values. - Bob Mulligan, OSFS


Justice is right relationship with particular attention to the marginalized in any given situation of need, suffering, or oppression. Justice is hard work and loving hard. Justice is the work and product that most closely resembles God’s vision and love. - Cara McMahon

Prayer offers an invitation for our heartfelt communication with God who desires to be in a deeply personal relationship with each of us in our everyday lives. - Cathy Looker, SSJ

Service is coming face to face with the needs and humanity of another.  To be of service is look the other in the eye, start a conversation, and recognize that our mutuality is greater than independence. We make meaning when we contribute our time, energy and gifts to benefit the lives of others. - Jackie Newns

Community is sharing genuine parts of ourselves with others so that we may grow more deeply with each other. Community is a space where we come together and learn from a variety of perspectives. We are called to walk with each other -- to know and be known. - Julia Marcel