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The College Seal

The College Seal

The College Seal, chosen in May of 1928, was adapted from the ancient family coat-of-arms of Henri de Maupas, Bishop of LePuy, France, the first ecclesiastical superior of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, who canonically approved the order on March 10, 1651.

The Griffin

A silver carpenter’s square (the symbol of St. Joseph) and a heraldic mount, which symbolizes the consecration of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph to the Most Holy Trinity, were added to the Maupas shield (a gold griffin on a scarlet background).

The griffin, a combination of eagle and lion, is a fabulous heraldic animal. In ecclesiastical heraldry, the eagle is symbol of St. John; the lion, a symbol of St. Mark.

Lilies and a Book

In the “chief” (upper portion) are the lilies of Our Lady and St. Joseph, and in the center, a book, traditional heraldic emblem of a seat of learning. On its open pages is the College motto: Fides – Caritas – Scientia (Faith – Charity – Knowledge).


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