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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

215-248-7111 – First floor of Fitzsimmons Hall - Rm. 103

I’m too sick to go to class; can I get an excuse note?

Chestnut Hill College Excuse Note Policy - We understand that illness and injury may impact a student's ability to attend class or to complete assignments. Students in this situation are responsible for notifying their instructors, preferably before missing a class/assignment. Conversations between students and instructors should identify how a student can work around an illness or injury to best continue academic efforts and activities. Instructors have final authority to excuse absences.

The Chestnut Hill College Health Office will not provide written medical excuses for class absences due to acute illness. In the event of illness or injury requiring hospitalization or extended absence from classes, with permission from the student, we can notify the Dean’s Office who will then contact the student’s faculty. We will not give any information without the permission of the student. 

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I don’t have a car, how can I get my prescription filled?

There are local pharmacies that offer free delivery of both prescription and over the counter medication to CHC students. 

Whitemarsh Pharmacy- 610-828-5222
Chestnut Hill Pharmacy- 215-247-1221

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I am sick and it’s the weekend, the office is closed, what do I do?

Please refer to the resource tab for a list of local urgent care centers equipped to handle your illness/issue.  In the case of an emergency call 911 or present to the nearest emergency room which is located at 8835 Germantown Ave, just up the road.

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What services are available?

• Assessment and treatment of acute illnesses 
• Physical exams (*not for college entry)
• Order and interpret laboratory and diagnostic testing (such as x-rays) as needed
• Prescribe and manage medications; provide over the counter medications
• Referrals to specialists and other healthcare providers as needed
• Health information and programs
• Nutrition Counseling

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How much does it cost?

There is no charge for the regular Health Services at the College. 

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Where is it located?

The Health Office is located on the first floor of Fitzsimmons Hall (Rm. 103, between the library and Fontbonne).

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