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Celebrating #GriffinNation

Celebrating #GriffinNation

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What is #GriffinNation?

Griffin Nation is a community of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends forever linked by their experiences at Chestnut Hill College.

Griffin Nation is the living and breathing spirit of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

Griffin Nation is a mission in action, changing lives for the better every single day, on campus and throughout our communities.

Griffin Nation is a picturesque campus, a place of comfort, a second home.

Griffin Nation is thousands of unique voices, elevated and celebrated.

Griffin Nation is passion for learning coupled with compassion for the dear neighbor.

Griffin Nation is an outstanding academic experience that prepares students for success in their careers, and their lives.

At Chestnut Hill College, we are all Griffins, and this is our #GriffinNation.


“My favorite thing about CHC is the professors who are truly invested in their students and are great mentors. My name is Chloe and I am a Griffin!”



"I love every bit of my time at Chestnut Hill College. I am happy CHC has made such success throughout the years. I am sure we will continue in the same direction. My name is Sister Mary Helen Kashuba, and I am a Griffin!"


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Mission and Legacy Week 2023


Sisters of St. Joseph posed on Rotunda steps

We Celebrate #GriffinNation with Mission and Legacy Week!

We celebrated the Feast of Saint Joseph on March 20th, and throughout the ensuing week. During Mission and Legacy Week we reflected upon the extraordinary mission and legacy of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and the ties that connect us all as members of the Chestnut Hill College community. Mission and Legacy Week was an opportunity and invitation for us to strengthen our sense of community and collective vision here at Chestnut Hill College. It truly was a wonderful time of togetherness for all in our community. We were thrilled to see many of you back on campus this week and on social media, sharing your "I Am a Griffin" story!

Some highlights from the week included:

Weeklong Maxim Reflections - Each day, with a different member of the College community, and in a different 

location on campus, there were Maxim reflections held. Locations included the SSJ cemetary, Interfaith Prayer Room, Garden of Forgiveness, and more. The reflections offered individuals a chance to reflect on various Maxims and interpretations within one's own life, as a great way to start each morning during Mission and Legacy Week.

women conversing in the art gallery

Monday - Voices of Mission: Student Film Screening and Feast of St. Joseph Mass in the SSJ Motherhouse - The key tenant of Mission and Legacy Week revolved around celebrating the Sisters of St. Joseph and everything they have brought to our community for the better part of the last 100 years. Mission and Legacy Week kicked off with a room full of students, faculty, staff, and the Sisters, gathered in community for the premiere of the student-produced film, "Voices of Mission." Through the stories of several faculty, staff, and students, Voices of Mission looked at the role the SSJs have in shaping the lives of those in our community. Following the film, our community joined with the SSJs at the Motherhouse for a beautiful mass in celebration of their feast, the Feast of St. Joseph.

Tuesday - What's My Why; A Student Conversation on Mission - Led by students, Cassie Soto '24 and Jacqueline Coval '24, CHC students joined together to talk about their own sense of purpose and connectiveness with the College, SSJs, and shared mission. Students shared how the mission has impacted their lives, journies, and overall experience as Griffins. Students were presented with a free space to discuss openly and passionately about values, mission, charisms, and so much more.

Wednesday - SSJ Heritage Gallery Walk: Choosing My Maxim - The 5th floor art gallery served as the location for an immersive, reflective, and communal gathering. Attendees were invited to meditate on the Maxims and choose one for a personal mission statement and guiding force through the rest of the semester. In addition, Jaime Longo and Sister Cathy Nerney shared from their personal journies as everyone came together for a spiritual and inspirational event.

individuals in a room watching a filmThursday and Friday - Student Retreat: African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) and Stories of Ghana - This summer, students from Chestnut Hill College and Marywood University will be traveling to Ghana to serve in ministry to women, children, and the Sisters in Africa. This is part of ASEC, a communal effort between Chestnut Hill College and the Sisters of St. Joseph (as well as other colleges and their founding congregations) that has lasted for several decades and has seen countless members of the community travel to Africa as well as welcomed sisters from Africa to take classes on campus. Before the students leave for their mission-trip this summer, a retreat was held focused on their goals, fears, and personal areas of growth. The retreat culminated with a special blessing of students and words from Sister Lisa Olivieri, who has traveled to Africa numerous times to teach computer courses to the sisters.