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Sister Carol Fund for Academic Initiatives

To honor Sister Carol and celebrate this extraordinary milestone, the Sister Carol Fund for Academic Initiatives has been established.

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BREAKING NEWS: Over $100,000 Raised Thanks to Outpouring of Love and Support for Sister Carol!

Sister Carol has now served as president of Chestnut Hill College for 25 transformative years. In honor of this milestone and her many achievements, over 150 members of the CHC family came together and raised more than $100,000 in gifts launching the Sister Carol Fund for Academic Initiatives.

Thanks to the generous support of alumni, friends, faculty and staff the initial goal of $50,000 has been met and exceeded. A special thank you to Michael & Margaret Carney McCaffery ’77 who first offered a challenge match of $25,000, and then increased to $30,000. Followed by Louise Bradley ’52 who offered another challenge gift of $10,000. Gifts are still greatly appreciated and needed.

The goal is to continue to grow the Fund to assist faculty and staff with providing a life-changing college experience. If you have not yet made a gift, please show your love and respect for Sister Carol by donating to propel the College forward.

About the Sister Carol Fund for Academic Initiatives

Often times, faculty and staff present exciting new ideas; however, finding the seed money to make them a reality can be a challenge. The Sister Carol Fund for Academic Initiatives will serve as a vital financial resource, providing the funds for new academic programs and faculty initiatives. Gifts to this fund will keep CHC on the cutting edge of higher education, while maintaining our strength in the liberal arts.

By supporting this fund, you will significantly enhance the College’s ability to thrive at a time when many small Catholic colleges are struggling. There is so much good happening at Chestnut Hill College, and in recent months, several new programs such as cyber security, exercise science and restorative justice have been enabled through individual donations and grants from donors like you. We can’t wait to see the amazing ideas that come to fruition through this initiative!

About the Fund

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Messages & Memories

Sister Carol with Phillies fan
Messages received 7.28.17
Congratulations Sister Carol! I was a student when you were installed. It was a very big deal and I was thrilled to be a part of it! I wish you many more happy years - Stephanie Staerk
Messages received 7.27.17
You have been an inspiration and role model since I was lucky enough to have you as a professor. Thank you for your leadership and the inclusive love you share and model! - Amy McLeer '94
Messages received 7.20.17
You are an inspiration to all of us. You have the highest goals and know how to achieve them. Your energy is amazing! CHC has made a wonderful impact on everyone because of your efforts. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary.- Marilyn Johnson McCarron ’61
sister carol and margaret
Messages received 7.5.17
Sister Carol- Thank you for your strong and compassionate leadership both within the CHC community and with our dear neighbors. --God Bless - Cathy Kushnerick

sister carol basketball
Messages received 7.1.17
Congratulations to Sister Carol! It has been a joy to be a part of all 25 years of her leadership. From the moment I met her I knew this was someone very very special and a blessing from God for the future of our beloved Chestnut Hill College. --Joanne McBride ’63

Congratulations Sister Carol! --Christopher Dougherty ’10

Congrats, Sister Carol! So happy for you. Thank you for all your wonderful years of awesomeness at CHC! ! --Love, Dawn Cute, D.C ’93

Thank you for all you have done for CHC, and for all you continue to do for the college community! God bless and keep you well. --Mary Anne Galbally ’96 SCPS, ’05 SGS

Thank you for your leadership, kindness and support. --Joyce Jeuell

Thank you for your thoughtful and forward looking leadership! --Anne and Jerry Holland

Sister Carol, congratulations on twenty-five years of taking care of our beloved Chestnut Hill College! --Elizabeth Sieburg Richter ’63

Thank you, Sister Carol, for your vision and commitment! --Abigail Palko ’96

Best Wishes! --Margaret Mitchell ’03

We came to the edge, and we flew! Thanks for being an amazing leader and role model. --Stacy McCrosson ’97
sister carol and kathryn miller
Messages received 6.30.17
You are an incredible woman and I am honored to know you! Thank you for all you have done for CHC and the community. You're a wonderful example of a true leader. Thank you and God bless! --Kate Sprandio '10

Congratulations on 25 years! Leading in higher education is not easy by any means, but your vision has helped CHC in many ways. --Michelle Kaschak '97

Sister Carol, As alumni we are so proud of all you have done for our school. You rock! --Judy Campbell '69

Dear Sister Carol, Thank you for your 25 years of amazing leadership of and dedication to Chestnut Hill College. Your enthusiasm for every aspect of the life of the College is contagious. --Love Puggy

Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary today! --Lynn Tubman

May the spirit and mission of Chestnut Hill College and the Sisters of St. Joseph live on forever in you and in all of us who are connected in any way. --Barbara Hogan-Zarro

Sister Carol, Prayers in gratitude for you and your extraordinary gifts, given with such generosity to Chestnut Hill College! --Valerie Downing '95 SGS

Sister Carol, Congratulations on 25 years! --Caitlin Kain '13
sister carol sugarloaf
Messages received 6.29.17
The growth and development of CHC has been tremendous under your leadership. Congratulations! --Eileen Kirby-Webb ’07 SCPS

Thank you for all that you've done for CHC over the past 25 years -- the things that are public & all the things that you do that we'll never know. --Monique Melmed

Sister Carol, thank you for creating an environment where I always felt loved, accepted and valued. Happy 25 years! --Cristina Diaz ’15

Congratulations! --Doris Kurash `77

Sr. Carol is amazing! Her effect on the College has been phenomenal. She has shepherded our Alma Mater into the 21st century and continues to lead it with thoughtfulness and grace! God Bless Sister and our wonderful college! --Regina Maxwell Schwille `65

Congratulations! Thank you for all you continue to do for Chestnut Hill College. --Mary Berko `52

Congratulations on twenty-five successful years! Best wishes for many more. --Lynn Sharp ’87

Thank you Sister Carol! CHC prepared me for my career as dietitian! --Danielle Hood (Johns) Class of 97

It's something special when the president of the college not only knows your name but also takes the time to get to know and support students at a personal level be it attending sporting events or senior seminar presentations and so much more. What a gift to CHC and all who have come through it! Thank you Sister Carol for all you do and congratulations on 25 wonderful years! - Marilee Gallagher '14

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make CHC a vibrant and exciting place - Jane Foulkrod Galvin '68

Celebrating 25 years of leadership and for being a dear neighbor. Congratulations! - Nancy & Peter Levitt

Congratulations on 25 years! Well done. - Carroll Schleppi '63

Congratulations, Sister Carol, and thank you for all you do to make Chestnut Hill and its students flourish. - Suzie Linton Kirchner '60 & Carmela DeLess Linton '38

Thank you for all the ways, known and unknown, that you have guided, transformed, and enlivened Chestnut Hill College. Your vision will help carry the mission of the College onto the next generation of griffins. - Krista, Ryan, and Liam Murphy

Dear Sister Carol, Words cannot adequately express how grateful we, Griffins, are for your leadership and total commitment to our beloved Chestnut Hill. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary. - Linda Hirsh Glasgow

Thank you for your 25 years of service to the College and excellent leadership!!! - David Woodford

Dear Sr. Carol, You are a most remarkable woman who make us rejoice at having you lead our beloved Alma Mater onto journeys we only dreamt of. Thanks for all you've done for us personally & the college. God bless you. - Mary Sullivan Esseff '65

Blessings to you for your wonderful devotion to CHC! - Marilea Swenson ’67

Sister Carol, thank you for 25 years of service with open arms, an open mind, and an open heart. - Mary Katherine Ortale ’16

Your 25th Anniversary is a celebration of all that is good about this distinguished College and the fine people it produces!- Susannah Coleman

Thank you! - Elaine Green

Sister Carol, I will be forever grateful for the years I spent working with you at CHC. - Lauri Strimkovsky
sister carol quidditch
Messages received 6.28.17
Celebrating a woman of great vision, outstanding character and bold leadership in 25 years at the helm of Chestnut Hill College. Sr. Carol, may you continue to steer a bright future for CHC. - Suzanne Valvardi Lasek '80

Congratulations Sister Carol! You have made incredible progress and exceptional change the CHC. We love being part of the Chestnut Hill College family! - Kimberly & Tilghman Moyer

Sister Carol, I have nothing but admiration and gratitude for your 25 years at Chestnut Hill College! - Louise Bradley '52

In recognition of your twenty-five years of service and leadership, the Faculty wishes only the best for you and the College. - Faculty members of CHC

Thank you for your 25 years of visionary leadership here at Chestnut Hill College! - Linda Lowe
sister carol commencement
Messages received 6.27.17
Congratulations Sister Carol on a remarkable 25 year journey that moved CHC into the 21st century. I am so very proud of being able to work with you on this journey for the past 8 years. .- JoEllen Parsons '66
sister carol picnic
Messages received 6.25.17
Congratulations! You and Chestnut Hill have been a match made in heaven.- Catherine Hebson '65

Thank You seems trite - but is spot on! See you in the bleachers next season... - Joan King `67
sister carol alumni conference
Messages received 6.23.17
Congratulations Sister Carol!- From Pamela Orsini Grimme `54, Pamela Grimme Johnson `80 and Brendan Johnson `15

Thank you for your leadership, vision and the difference you have made in so many lives. Congratulations on this magnificent achievement. - Thomas and Nancy Dachille `01 SGS
sister carol scholarship
Messages received 6.22.17
You have shown a strong passion and commitment to get the college to where it stands today. I'm a recent graduate of the college and enjoyed my experience at the school. I wish you nothing but the very best and Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary. - Phillip Jefferson '17 SCPS

Dear Sister Carol, Your inspirational leadership and prophetic vision have served Chestnut Hill College and her students well. Thank you for all you have done for CHC during your 25 years as President. God bless you. - Art and Mary Kaufmann Ryan '66

Congratulations and thanks for keeping CHC up with or ahead of the times while still preserving the things that always made it a great school. - Barbara Cruse '64

You are the right person for the right job at the right time. Keep up the good work and thank you! - Patricia MacGillivray '53
sister carol hall of fame
Messages received 6.21.17
Congratulations on your 25th year as President of CHC! This is an extraordinary achievement, and is very commendable. Thank you for your great leadership and I wish you continued success. .- Lakshmi Atchison

My gratitude for all you are, and continue to be, for CHC. May God continue to Bless you & CHC- Theresa Cute
sister carol sprint football
Messages received 6.20.17
Congratulations on your years of service and being a dear neighbor to us all- Mike Pearson Fantastic job!!- John Cleaver
sister carol alumni cheer
Messages received 6.19.17
Dear Sr. Carol, Congratulations! Thank you for your unwavering dedication and visionary leadership during your 25 years as President of our CHC -- and you continue with vigor to excel!! You truly inspire!!! - My best wishes, Lorraine A. Revello '66 Congratulations on making a CHC and in my life. Your help in my admittance to your spiritual Direction Program, 25 years ago, remains in my heart forever, opening doors that I continue to walk through with greater faith, hope and Love. - Pat Herbst '94 SGS
sister carol speech
Messages received 6.18.17
Thank you for all you have done for Chestnut Hill College. The school has benefited from your leadership. - Betty Molloy '65 Thanks for your leadership in challenging times. - Joan Lunney '68
sister carol lacrosse
Messages received 6.17.17
Thank you Sr. Carol for standing side by side with us. The college is truly blessed to have you. - Cheryl Kennedy '87

"As for joy, as little as one can have of it in this life, experience shows that it is not the idle who possess it, but those who are zealous in the service of God." Ignatius of Loyola AMDG! - Cecelia J. Cavanaugh, SSJ, '85 Thank you for all the special, outstanding changes you have made in 25 years of outstanding leadership. The Chandeliers are the best!!! - Ann M. Williams '50 Your accomplishments for the college are extraordinary. Here's to 25 more! - Many thanks, Joan Reynolds '52
sister carol with pope cut out
Messages received 6.15.17
Christ Mass Carol - 3 amazing words each with special significance and a beautiful sound. - Kent Griswold

You are the best and so appreciated! - Mary Lou Sciarrillo '66
sister carol with concussion center team
Messages received 6.14.17
I feel so privileged to be part of Chestnut Hill College and to share in its story, especially under your leadership and guidance. - Sarah Logan

Congratulations Sister Carol on your 25th Anniversary as President. Wishing you 25 more years at CHC. - Bertram Oliver '98 SCPS
sister carol with balloon dogs
Messages received 6.13.17
Congratulations on this important milestone in the college's history.- Kathleen Mahoney Sykes '61

Congratulations on your remarkable achievements as President and Thank You for all you have done for Chestnut Hill College! - Patricia Harper Petrozza, M.D., '74

Jim and I are lucky to know you, and happy that Miles will have you as a role model. Congratulations, Sister Carol! - James & Maureen Fisher McLaughlin

The accomplishments and achievements that you have achieved for Chestnut Hill College are incredible. Your tenacity and forward thinking for the college is probably why the college still exists today. Congratulations for all that you have accomplished. - Polly Teti

Congratulations Sister, We are thrilled to be part of your tenure and appreciative of the opportunity to serve Chestnut Hill College. - All of us at Chartwells Higher Education Dining

Dear Sr. Carol, Can't believe 25 years! I remember so well hearing from Gen. Brooks at a party that you were named president. What a blessing you have been for CHC. May you enjoy many more years doing what you do so well. - Much love, Blanche Moore
sister carol rotunda
Messages received 6.12.17
Thanks for inspiring so many to dream more, do more, and be more.... - Kathleen O'Boyle '94, '97 SGS

Sister Carol, Thank you for your visionary leadership for CHC, but also for your prophetic push for the Catholic Church to become the people God made us to be -diverse, challenging, merciful, welcoming, loving. Always in need of reform, always reforming.!- Jeannie Bennett Fleming

God Bless. We are so happy to know you.- Peter & Sara Stoll

May God continue to bless your mind, your heart, your vision to sing the praises of higher education! I owe where I am now to the mentors afforded to me by CHC! Keep on "Swimming" Sister Carol! - Dr.s Martin & Mary Lenore Keszler
sister carol
Messages received 6.7.17
Thank you for being a Blessing to the students, staff and community. May He use you for many years to come.- Julie Oberlies

Congratulations Sister Carol on your 25th anniversary as President. Thank you for all you do!- Mark Hammons '08, ’10 SGS
sister carol
Messages received 6.7.17
You have been a beautiful role model and a treasured friend for the past 25 years. Thank you for shaping the woman that I am today. Thank you for all of the work that you have done to continue our traditions, and for facing the risks head on.- Catherine Lockyer Moulton ’92

Thank you for your visionary leadership, tireless work and complete dedication to CHC!- Sincerely, Charles & Brittani Blachford

Happy Anniversary Sister Carol! You are a very special person. Best of luck on the next five years, enjoy this wonderful milestone! - Donna Erb ’95 SGS
sister carol with dog
Messages received 6.6.17
Congratulations on celebrating your 25th Anniversary as President at Chestnut Hill. Thank you for your service to the college and taking steps to move CHC forward throughout the years. All the Best!- All the Best! Katie (Williams) Stewart ’09

With gratitude for the lives you have touched in meaningful ways through your leadership and ministry.- Lynn and Brian Ortale
sister carol at Phillies game
Messages received 6.5.17
Congratulations, and may the Lord's face shine upon you, Sister Carol! - With warm wishes from Donna Napoli!

Thank you for your legendary vision and leadership!- David & Jodie King Smith ’94, ’01 SGS
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