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Diversity and Inclusion

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Diversity and Inclusion
What We Are Doing
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This past weekend, many of us watched the nationally covered scenes of hatred and violence during the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. White nationalists were protesting the City's plan to remove a statue memorializing Robert E. Lee, Confederacy's top general, with counter-protestors there to present a contrary perspective. While we value everyone's right to free speech and peaceful protest, we are saddened that such would lead to horrific violence resulting in the death of three and more than 30 injured. Download Full Letter

Dean Cavanaugh

By Cecelia J. Cavanaugh, SSJ, Ph.D.

When I was asked to write “Last Word” about our work this past year toward diversity and inclusion, which we articulated in a working document titled, “A Path Forward,” I readily accepted. As I begin this reflection, I find that I don’t want to write a “last word” (more on that later) and I’m struggling to find the “first word.” Where do I begin and from what perspective? This year’s efforts have been about those two questions...