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Libris Society

Libris Society

The Libris Society was formed to recognize graduates of Chestnut Hill College who have distinguished themselves in their personal and professional lives while exemplifying the College motto of Fides-Caritas-Scientia. 

The Society name derives from the open book, a medieval heraldic symbol of learning, that displays the College motto of Fides -Caritas -Scientia  (Faith -Charity - Knowledge) on the official seal of Chestnut Hill College.

Charter members were inducted at the College's 80th Anniversary Gala in April 2005 and were presented with the Libris Society medallion.

Graduates may be nominated by Chestnut Hill College alumni, faculty, staff, and friends; graduates may also enter their own names for consideration.

Nominees must meet the following criteria: 

  • Candidates must have attended Chestnut Hill College. Eligible alumni include those who attended the traditional full-time School of Undergraduate Studies, the School of Continuing Studies (including CED, Kirby, and ACCELERATED programs), and the School of Graduate Studies.
  • Only individuals may nominate candidates; group nominations will not be considered.
  • Candidates must exemplify a minimum of one the qualities celebrated in the College motto:Fides-Caritas-Scientia (Faith - Charity - Knowledge). 

Fides may be demonstrated by such activities as living out a commitment to the nominee's most deeply held spiritual convictions, exploring the ethical and moral dimensions that underpin all relationships, and embodying mutual respect.

Caritas may be demonstrated by a commitment to improving the nominee's community through volunteering, public service and/or philanthropic activities on behalf of civic, cultural, charitable, religious, or educational organizations.

Scientia may be demonstrated by a life-long commitment to learning and personal growth or the achievement of excellence in the nominee's profession.


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