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Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies

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Chestnut Hill College’s Accelerated Adult Degree Program is designed for the adult learner. The Liberal Studies program not only provides depth across the liberal arts core and major curriculum requirements, but also allows students to specialize in and identify with specific disciplines: English, History, Political Science, and Religious Studies.

The Liberal Studies (BA) degree program is a flexible transfer program for students with courses from several different institutions, or who have earned Associate degrees (AA, AS, or AAS). Conceptual thought, constructive communication strategies, and the ability to synthesize arguments are all directly applicable in every professional setting, and support graduates when they transition from one profession to another.

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Major Core Requirements

In addition to Core Liberal Arts, 45 credits are required in the major. The Major Requirements are:

  • UEMA 103 - Survey of Math
  • UEEN 212 - Creative Writing
  • UELS 453 - Senior Seminar
  • History or Political Science (3 credits)
  • Philosophy (6 credits)
  • Religious Studies (3 credits)
  • Foreign Language (6 credit sequence)
  • Fine Arts (6 credits)
  • Literature (3 credits)


Information on Minor Specializations

As part of their Major Requirements, students must select a minor specialization. The following are Minor Specializations Requirements:

English  - 9 credits

  • UEEN 201 - Shakespeare I OR UEEN 202 - Shakespeare II (3 credits)
  • American Literature Survey (3 credits)
  • English Literature Survey (3 credits)

History - 9 credits

  • Topics in UEHI 104 - Global History, OR
  • UEHI 141 -American History I OR UEHI 142 - American History II (3 credits)
  • History OR Political Science Electives (6 credits)

Political Science - 9 credits

  • UEPO 103 - American Federal Government (3 credits)
  • UEPO 104 - International Studies (3 credits)
  • Political Science or History Electives (6 credits)

Religious Studies - 9 credits

Courses from within three of the following theological areas:

  • Religious Traditions
  • Scripture Studies
  • Morality and Justice
  • Doctrine and History
  • Liturgy and Spirituality
  • Religious Studies Elective


For your convenience, Chestnut Hill College offers accelerated degree courses in two locations:

  • Chestnut Hill College Main Campus
  • University Center at Montgomery County Community College in Pottstown

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Transferring Credits

Students can transfer up to 75 credits from another accredited college or university. Prior Learning Assessment options can also help you earn credits for on-the-job experience and training programs.

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