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Welcome from the President

Welcome from the President

A Future Full of Hope

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President Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D.  

It is my privilege to welcome you to the Chestnut Hill College Web site! 

The history of this College is a living, breathing, changing dynamic filled with the mystery, magic, and majesty of the human lives that create its particular reality at any given period. When you see Chestnut Hill College you will be impressed by magnificent buildings and exquisite grounds, the beauty of historic architecture, the splendor of sloping hills, and fragrant flowering trees and plants. What is more important, however, and what pictures cannot adequately convey is the warmth, intelligence, and humor of the people who populate the campus. It is they who will make your time here most memorable. Enduring relationships of great value are a hallmark of a Chestnut Hill College education.

While the Chestnut Hill College Community respects the past and the rich traditions that have brought us to this time and place, we anticipate with enthusiasm and energy the vast, unknown vistas promised by the 21st century. The past one hundred years are unrivaled in the explosion of information and the transformational changes that marked the decades of its history. From typewriters to computers, from radios to televisions, from lecture halls to distance learning, from the Model-T Ford to space travel; from phonographs to CD players; from the neighborhood to the global community - the history of the College reflects the history of our times. The splendor of the campus has largely remained unchanged, but the life within it is radically different. Between 1900 and 2015, our vision of who we are as human beings and the meaning of life on this planet has dramatically, irrevocably, and irrefutably changed. 

Yet, despite these many transformations and perhaps because of them, the deepest hopes and highest aspirations of our students remain surprisingly unchanged. Still they long for a better world, to contribute successfully to the society in which they live, to be successful professionals, to establish lasting and meaningful relationships, to be faithful to their consciences and to their God, and to serve others justly and compassionately.

At Chestnut Hill College, we provide women and men the opportunity to master their chosen field of study, to become knowledgeable about the diverse races, cultures, and creeds of the world, to grow in mutual respect and understanding of one another, and to enter their professions with competence and confidence. Steeped in two great spiritual traditions, the Ignatian and the Salesian, the College is committed to graduating students who are daring, bold, innovative, informed thinkers who are also dedicated to the service of others, to civility, to right action, and to the spiritual dimension of life. It is not enough to graduate with the tools necessary to achieve excellence in one’s profession; to be fulfilled and happy, one must graduate with the personal maturity and integrity requisite to achieve excellence as a human being.

At Chestnut Hill College, we take your future seriously. Come visit us!

Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D.


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