Secondary Education Program

Student Highlight

Colin Boyle, Class of 2015


Colin Boyle

What makes CHC unique?


“The size and placement of CHC are what makes it unique to me. The size allows for great relationships to form and give the student the chance to connect with their professors on a personal level. You certainly don’t feel like a number in the classroom. The location is also great. We are located right next to Fairmount Park which gives us that nice woodsy feel but we are also inside the city of Philadelphia. This gives students a great chance to get into the city and take full advantage of everything it has to offer.” 


 Benefits of a Holistic Education 


"Receiving the holistic education has many benefits. Instead of leaving CHC with knowledge in only one specific area, I will be leaving with an education in a broad variety of subjects. This will help me in both my life and the job. The holistic education will allow me to use my knowledge in many fields to teach my students about history beyond the textbooks. Receiving a holistic education makes me a well-rounded individual and that's the kind of person I want to be." 


Colin's Activities: 

  • Men's soccer 
  • RA 

The Preparation for Certification in Secondary Education Program integrates educational theory and practice with field experiences that include practicum and student teaching, as well as opportunities to develop teaching competence through innovative and effective approaches to the educational process with focus on students at the Secondary Level.

Preparation for Certification in Secondary Education is available as a minor in Seconday Education accompanied by majors in the following content areas:

Secondary Education, Grades K through 12

  • Latin (Foreign Language Certification)
  • French (Foreign Language Certification)
  • Spanish (Foreign Language Certification)

Secondary Education, Grades 7 through 12

  • Biology, Biochemistry; Forensic Sciences; Environmental Sciences; Molecular Biology (Biology or General Science Certification)
  • Chemistry (Chemistry Certification)
  • English Literature; Communications (English Certification)
  • Mathematics; Math and Computer Science (Mathematics Certification)
  • History; Political Science (Social Studies Certification)

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) now requires that all Secondary Education Certification Program participants have 9 credits of Special Education coursewook, and 3 credits of Teaching English as a Second Language coursework. In addition, participants will need to meet field experience competencies that will either require two separate practicum experiences, or one practicum and one extended student teaching experience. The PDE has not identified the field experience competencies as of July 1, 2011. The Education Department will determine the best options for students on an individual basis.

Students in the minor are expected to complete all courses for Secondary Certification including student teaching. Students may complete student teaching after graduation but the minor will not be included on the transcript. Students must earn a grade of C- (1.70) or better in courses required to successfully complete the requirements for the minor. Please see each major’s section for additional information.