Early Education (Pre K – 4)


Why study PreK-4 Education at CHC? 


A major in PreK-4 Education prepares students for challenging and rewarding careers teaching children from nursery-school to early elementary grades (K-4). Students who choose this major become competent in a variety of classroom environments.  In addition, students work with children in both Pre-K and elementary education as part of a comprehensive and in-depth program.  


What are the requirements?


Students majoring in Early Education (PreK-4) will complete courses within the Division of Teacher Education and Leadership, including student teaching and the student teaching seminar in addition to meeting all Core Requirements. Students also qualify for a Minor in Special Education, and an academic advisor will assist with this aspect of course planning.  Download the Education section of the catalog to review all the requirements.


What internship are available?


Our partnerships with public, private and parochial schools in surrounding urban, suburban, and rural school districts offer students a rich tapestry of classroom teaching experiences.  Chestnut Hill College education programs require students to begin as volunteers, advance to teaching lessons two half-days a week, and then finally take charge of a full classroom of 20 or more young students.   These classroom environments increase the opportunities for our majors to gain valuable real-world experience.  In fact, it's not uncommon for a student teaching experience to lead to a full-time employment upon graduation.