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FAQs FALL 2020 Virtual Semester

FAQs FALL 2020 Virtual Semester

On August 14th, Chestnut Hill College made the difficult decision to move all instruction online for the fall semester of 2020 which begins on Monday, August 31st.  This was an extraordinarily difficult decision given the tremendous work of the COVID-19 Task Force and the many campus preparations that were underway.  However, given the growing concerns regarding the spread of the virus, the lack of accurate, rapid-response testing, and the recent concerns offered by many health professionals, we believe this decision was necessary for the health and safety of our Chestnut Hill College Community

Please review the letter from Sr. Carol Jean Vale, the attached list of questions, and the website for additional information regarding the semester and upcoming campus news.

The following FAQs have been developed in an effort to address some of your questions.

When do you expect students to be able to return to campus?
We are planning to bring students back to campus for the beginning of the spring semester of 2021.  Our COVID-19 Task Force will continue to monitor data and guidelines related to the pandemic and make recommendations for a return to campus based on those data and guidelines.

Will the decision to go fully online affect my schedule of classes?
No – we are keeping the class schedule the same.  This preserves the opportunity for faculty to meet with students at a designated time as they would have if we were holding classes on campus. Courses that were scheduled as face-to-face or hybrid courses will be converted to online courses and those changes will be reflected on myCHC.

How can I contact my professors and advisor?
For returning students, you can communicate with your faculty and advisors as you have been in the past few months of remote learning.  New students should reach out to their admissions counselor or advisor if they have not yet been connected with a faculty member or advisor for their program.

How can I obtain my required course materials? Is the bookstore open?
All course required materials are available through the bookstore website ( and can be delivered via UPS or picked up curbside. The store is closed to the shopping public for the fall semester. Any bookstore or course material questions or concerns can be directed to

How will this decision affect my financial aid?
Beginning on Monday, August 17th, the Financial Aid Office began re-packaging all residential students. Adjustments will be made for costs associated with room and board and other fees. Residents should expect to see these adjustments to their bill as soon as possible.

I am a resident and have already paid my balance for the fall semester in full. Will I receive a refund
Yes - after financial aid packages are adjusted, room and board refunds will be provided in accordance with our financial aid policies. 

I rented a microfridge or ordered care packages, what happens now?
Resident students who rented a microfridge will be contacted directly by the rental company and be issued a reimbursement. Students will be able to rent a microfridge for Spring 2021 and will receive additional information late in the fall.

Resident students and families who ordered care packages or linens and wish to cancel their order and receive reimbursement can contact On Campus Marketing at 866-847-7365. These items will also be available again for Spring 2021.

Additional questions regarding rentals and care packages can be sent to

Will there be student activities and virtual events planned for the Fall?
Student Life is keenly aware that socially focused programming and fostering student engagement will be more important this Fall than ever before. Drawing directly from our mission and the charism of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, our focus for the Fall is on relationship building and the traditions that surround some of our students’ favorite activities. Student can look forward to Win it Wednesdays to replace Fun at One and for Fridays After Dark to continue each week. Additionally, returning club leaders and students who want to start new clubs will receive instructions from SAO on club registration, the budgeting process, and a virtual Club & Organization Fair. While the Fall semester will be different than we had originally imagined, we remain open to your ideas and inspirations. Please email with your ideas for Fall 2020 and stay tuned for the CHC Weekly, which will begin the first week of classes, for details on getting involved.

Will there be a virtual new student orientation?
Yes - we very much looking forward to our new virtual orientation program.  Look for more information about the fall orientation program in the next few days.

I am a student-athlete.  How will this decision affect my athletic scholarship and eligibility?
This decision does not affect your athletic scholarship or eligibility.  Be advised that we continue to plan for many sports to resume activities in the spring.  Please reach out to your respective coach regarding remote training and team activities being developed for the fall as well as any additional questions you may have about your team/sport. Go Griffs!

Fall Virtual 2020 Specifics

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