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Worship at CHC

Worship at CHC

Sunday Sermons: Spring 2021

Fr. Bob Mulligan, OSFS offeres us a homily each weekend as well as the invitation to attend Mass at Our Mother of Consolation, his home parish in Chestnut Hill, just around the corne from campus. 

Sunday, April 11: 2nd Sunday of Easter 

Sunday, April 4: Easter Sunday

Sunday, March 28: Palm Sunday 

Sunday, March 21: 5th Sunday of Lent 

Sunday, March 14: 4th Sunday of Lent 

Sunday, March 7: 3rd Sunday of Lent   

For more infornation about liturgical life and weekend worship opportunities, conrtact Fr. Bob Mulligan at

Catholic Liturgy

As a community of faith, Chestnut Hill College honors the faith traditions of all its members and strives to provide opportunities to worship and celebrate together on a regular basis.    

Rooted in the Roman Catholic faith, the Chestnut Hill College Campus Community celebrates weekday and Sunday evening liturgies in Carlino Chapel in Fournier Hall. All are welcome to join the community in prayer as we celebrate Mass.

7:00 PM Sunday Evening Mass: to resume fall 2021

Featuring the gifts and talents of the Chestnut Hill community, the Sunday evening liturgy is open to all. Students, faculty, staff, and community members are invited to join in worship and are encouraged to take an active role through liturgical ministry, singing in the choir, playing an instrument, or contributing to periodic student reflections.

Daily Mass- 11:45 AM: to resume fall 2021

Mass is offered daily, Monday through Friday, in Carlino Chapel at 11:45 AM. This liturgy is open to all members of the campus community. Take time for a prayerful pause in the midst of your day and join us to worship.

Community Prayers

On a regular basis, Campus Ministry intentionally gathers the entire campus community for prayer in a space where all are welcome. The richness of diversity is honored, articulated, and given voice in these experiences. Fostering community on a deeper level, students, staff, faculty, and contract service workers come together as equals in prayer in this public witness to the core beliefs of Chestnut Hill College.

Featured Annual Prayers:

Interfaith Prayer Service

An annual celebration of the mosaic beauty of Chestnut Hill College, the Interfaith Prayer Service will be on March 25, 2020. Gathering personal reflections from all corners of the campus community, this prayer service give voice the distinctive gift each member of our community brings and shares. The essence of love and community that grounds Chestnut Hill College is emphasized, embodying the active and inclusive love at the college’s core.  

Prayer for Peace & Non-Violence

Recognizing our place in the global community, Chestnut Hill College joins with this community in praying for peace and non-violence each year.  The prayer is a pilgrimage around campus- beginning in the Rotunda, proceeding to the Peace Pole, and visiting the Garden of Forgiveness.  Members of the campus community join their voices in prayer at each location, sharing in the cry for unity and peace in our world, country, city, campus, and our own hearts. Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to share personal reflections on the theme of Peace and Nonviolence.

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