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Trump to Terminate Aid to Central America

Group of Honduran women crying and praying

Trump to Terminate Aid to Central America

President Trump’s threats to terminate aid to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador will have disastrous consequences for all four countries.

Rather than making a statement to their government officials, who Mr. Trump claims have done little to dissuade their people from migrating to America, cutting off the $450 million allotted to the three countries will primarily impact common citizens.

In the past, the bulk of the aid money has been dedicated to funding agencies that provide support directly to citizens. These organizations ensure citizen security and promote economic growth and government accountability. If these programs committed to improving civilian lives are defunded, even more Central Americans may take a chance and migrate to the United States. Not to mention, by severely retarding the asylum application process, Donald Trump has already created an immigration crisis at the border.

The way to disband the caravan is not through blackmailing undeveloped countries whose citizens are in desperate need of assistance, but by fixing the root of the issue.  This crisis was caused by poverty, violence, corruption, and long-term military rule that has crippled the economy and resulted in an extremely weak infrastructure. The aid money goes directly toward fixing these problems.

Donald Trump’s plan to revoke aid from these struggling countries will only damage those in an already precarious socioeconomic position and exacerbate the immigration crisis.