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NO givesies backsies! Unfair America

NO givesies backsies! Unfair America

NO givesies backsies! Unfair America 

I have been researching immigration and the economy and noticing some traits of my country that I am not proud of. There is one very important rule from my childhood that America needs to follow. No givesies backsies! All throughout history America has used immigration to its advantage and then kicked immigrants to the curb when no longer beneficial. They let immigrants settle in the 1800’s, and in the nineteenth-century immigrants were responsible for providing the foundation of industrialization. Without the cheap labor they provided things would have moved a lot slower and a lot less would have been done. They were taken advantage of. There were immigrants from all over like Southern and Eastern European countries and Asian countries that were known for working in different fields. Chinese immigrants, in particular, were employed to build railroads. Anti-Asian sentiment rose and led to restrictions on immigration from Asia and later in the 1920s restrictions on overall immigration were made. Before this, the U.S. was open to an open immigration policy, after all, Europeans who became the new leaders of the land, after forcefully removing indigenous people, were immigrants! Maybe they feared the karma. 

World War I and II came along and created labor shortages and of course the US depended on immigrant labor to make up for them. Mostly Mexican immigrants were responsible feeling in those gaps. When the wars ended there was competition for labor. Soldiers were coming back looking for work and wanted the Mexican immigrants gone. This led to a repatriation program that went on to get thousands of Mexicans deported. How do you give someone a position when it benefits you and then snatch it away when it doesn't? Again, NO GIVESIES BACKSIES! I understand both sides, but the government shouldn’t go back and forth using immigrants and then deporting them whenever they're done. Both the soldiers and the immigrants have themselves and maybe families to take care of and it isn’t fair to take away the way someone makes their living for a reason as such. America should and should’ve just been consistent with they’re immigration policy or welcome all and treat all equal. We are all immigrants.