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New Year, Same Me


New Year, Same Me

Every new year, you hear the same thing: "New year, new me." 

My philosophy is a bit different. I prefer "New Year, same me." 

Despite it being a new year, I am still the person I was yesterday and the day before; last year and this year. While we all want to have our resolutions and ways to improve ourselves -- and that's fantastic -- I have my own goals, but I plan on staying the same person. Some people want to be nicer or change morally but deep down, you are you, and you are perfect. Wanting to change certain things is fine but we still need to learn to love ourselves, flaws and all. 

This year I have made a generic resolution: go to the gym more often. Yes, everyone and their mother makes this resolution every new year and slacks halfway through. My goal, however, is to go with friends and use it as a tool to socialize and have fun. I want to make healthy changes but I won't be changing into a whole new person. I just want to lose some weight and have some fun with my friends. 

So while this article is short, I hope it's sweet. Let's change the mindset of "new year, new me," to something more positive like "new year, same me." 

Don't change yourself for others. Be the change you want to see. You can change yourself, but please, only do it for yourself. Don't ever change yourself for anyone else: not for your family and not for a significant other. Be you, love yourself and know you are a wonderful person. 

Good luck this semester, everyone. Smile to someone new. Seize the day. Be yourself.

I love you all!