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A New Dawn

Migrant woman holding baby glaring at border control

A New Dawn

The crackdown on illegal immigrants has become a national phenomenon. Under President Donald Trump ICE has taken a central role in the public image as the detention and deportation of undocumented immigrants has become more public. Reports have surfaced that children were separated from their parents without adequate documentation of their location. This has put ICE in the forefront of the fight against illegal immigrants.

One of the most diverse regions of the country is the New York metropolitan area. Many Latino immigrants call this place home but are worried about the deportation process and what goes into the decision. The main issue is the fear of children being taken out of schools by ICE. This was previously deemed as off-limits to the agents, but districts want to be prepared due to the rapid change in policies under the Trump administration. Politicians have declared that schools should be a safe haven where children come to learn and should not have to worry about being grabbed and transported to a detention facility.

These worries showcase the general trend of the nation. More immigrants face scrutiny through the increase in border security and the crackdown on immigration. The Latino population in New York City and Connecticut fears that their kids could be targeted or left behind if a parent is detained. This only supports the mistrust of the government that has been alleged since the new administration took over. The minority population feels as if the process has been dehumanized and that numbers and statistics determine the outcome. One could argue that this is the correct way to attempt change but many liberals try to appeal to every individual that is involved and their story. Numbers show that immigrants commit fewer crimes than Americans which debunks many of the stereotypes that are portrayed in right-wing media.

Change, however, is on the horizon with the election of New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The young politician is of Hispanic descent and plans to revolutionize immigrants especially in her hometown of New York City. Young activists, especially females are starting to receive the attention they deserve. Change has to come from within and that can only happen if Americans support young visionaries on either end of the spectrum. Millennials need to be involved in their communities and they need to go out and vote to spark change as we are the future. And no one understands us like our own.