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My First Week As a Griffin

Danielle walking on campus

My First Week As a Griffin

For the past few days, I’ve been asked the infamous question of “How was your first week at Chestnut Hill?”  I can honestly say, it was one of the best weeks I've had in a long time. Being a transfer student, along with being a commuter, can make transitioning or transferring to a new place difficult. I also figured being 30 years old might make me stick out just a tad amongst my fellow classmates. However, I quickly found out that wasn’t the case and that everyone seemed more than happy to help me. (It’s nice to know that CHC has a great mix of traditional and non-traditional students -- we can learn from each other and no one feels completely out of place.)

I learned that the best way to get to class is by catching the train and who wouldn’t like the scenic route? On my first day, I successfully made it early enough to the College to find my way around and find where my classroom was located.  After that, I went to the McCaffery Lounge to chill for a bit and attempt to read before class.  McCaffery Lounge is a great place to grab something light to eat, hang out, stay warm with the beautiful fireplace, be near the library and get the shuttle bus.

My first class of the week is my Global Awareness Seminar.  I wasn’t completely overjoyed in the beginning but it’s beginning to grow on me, especially now with the current events that are going on with our new President. I was also nervous about my financial aid and bookstore credit but the staff was very helpful and kind; not only did I manage to get my books but could rent instead of purchase.  This was a lifesaver (let’s be honest who really wants to pay full price for anything they don’t need to).

For the first time in a long time, I feel very happy and am at peace with my decision to come to CHC. What better way to start the year, or any journey for that matter, than to feel as though you’re going to be successful with an excellent support system? The people here are more than willing to help me make sure that I succeed in achieving my degree and my dreams.  This will keep me here and make me a Griffin at heart.