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Meatless Monday

Chart implying that reduced beef consumption will benefit environment

Meatless Monday

CHC kicked off 'Earth Week' with a very important day: Meatless Monday. During lunch and dinner in the Fournier Cafeteria, there was no meat served at the hot food bar. Instead, options of pasta, vegetable, and tofu dishes were offered to students and faculty. 

By participating in Meatless Monday, CHC helped to conserve thousands of gallons of water, dozens of animal's lives, and a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. Chartwells also had fliers posted around the cafeteria to educate everyone on these facts, something just as important as cutting out meat for the day. If you are vegan or vegetarian, then every day is Meatless Monday! And, for vegans, Meatless and Dairyless! 

Did you know that animal agriculture is actually #2 in contributing to greenhouse gases?  According to the documentary Cowspiracy, it contributes about 18% of emissions. 

With all that tasty food on Monday that we had that didn't contain any meat, do you think that CHC should be doing Meatless Monday every Monday? I certainly think so! As we all know, Chartwells is committed to providing healthy, antibiotic meats and foods to us here, and also to reducing food waste. What's to stop them from doing Meatless Monday every week?