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The Man Behind Trump's Immigration Policies

Stephen Miller speaking to the press

The Man Behind Trump's Immigration Policies

All of the more extreme decisions so far regarding Mr. Trump's immigration policies have come from one person, many people in the White House staff and press believe. Stephen Miller, who is currently a senior policy advisor for Trump, has been behind many of the more extreme decisions that Trump has made regarding the Muslim ban, the Wall and family separation. People are so convinced that Miller is behind the scenes pulling Trump's strings like he is a puppet master that now they want him to testify in front of Congress. 

Miller started out in politics as the press secretary for Michele Bachman and John Shadegg. They are both prominent Republicans, and, as a speechwriter, he was very successful. What he wanted to do was help make policy and push his far-right-wing racist agenda. He knew that Trump's base is full of very far right-wing people and many racists. With Bachman and Shadegg, he was only writing speeches and not really sharing his ideologies and thoughts on immigrants. When he teamed up with Jared Kushner, the President's son-in-law, Miller knew that he could be more open about his ideas that truly are a dog whistle to Trump's base. Miller wrote Trump's inauguration speech with the help of Steve Bannon. They knew how important it was for Trump to clearly state his America First position and to signal to his base what they could expect from him during this presidency. It was very important for Trump to sow division and to stoke fear about the dangerous path the country has been on according to him. Bannon said that the speech was full of “patriotism” and it was important to have a President who finally put America's interests first.

It is very clear now that Miller from the very beginning has been the driving force behind all of Trump's extreme immigration policies. He is Trump's top immigration advisor and the architect of most of the extreme policies from the very beginning. At only 33 years old Miller has convinced Mr. Trump to push for some of the most extreme policies that the United States has ever seen and ones that many people agree with. It started with the Muslim ban. His idea was to ban people from Muslim Majority Countries and easily convinced Trump to immediately push for that policy.  Because of terrorism fears in the United States, it was very easy to convince many people that there should be a Muslim ban since many people believe falsely that most Muslims are terrorists. Miller has pushed for tent cities at the border to keep the migrants there and for anything possible to keep immigrants from crossing into the United States.