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How to Create a Club at Chestnut Hill College

How to Create a Club at Chestnut Hill College


As someone who is an officer for a few clubs, I have experience with the processes of running a club at Chestnut Hill College. Overall the process is not that difficult, but there are some aspects that may be confusing. So I hope with this blog I am able to help anyone who is interested in creating a club for Chestnut Hill, or maybe becoming an officer this spring semester and who is still a little confused on the process.

  1. Speak to the Director of Student Activities, Emily Schademan, about your interest in creating a club ( or 215-248-7083.

  2. After you contact Emily you must find a club advisor. An advisor has to be a full-time faculty member, so an adjunct professor cannot be a club advisor.

  3. After you find an advisor for your club, you need to fill out the Club Registration Packet.
  • The basic components of the registration packet are to explain the mission of your club, what the role of your advisor would be, when and where your club would meet and especially your budget.

  • After this is all made you must fill out the officer roster. A club must have at least two officers, who must hold the position as president, and treasurer. You must also have every officer sign a release of information form which allows authorization to the Office of Student Life/SGA to release the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the officers to individuals the College deems appropriate. In order for an individual to create a club, they must have at least five other members excluding the officers before they can become an official club.

  • The registration packet explains the allocations for a budget, which is basically what the school will and will not fund. Before you can buy anything for a club you need to fill out a budget request form, which is a detailed list of all the items that you plan on purchasing for your club, with the price, or the estimated price, for that item.

  • You must also include an explanation on what event or activity it is for as well as the reason why you need it for your club.
  1. Not only do you have to fill out the packet, you also need to set up a meeting with Emily in which you have a PowerPoint explaining each item in further detail. After the meeting with Emily, you will get an email on what your overall budget is for all of the items you explained in your budget request form.

  2. Once you get your budget approval, you are able to purchase supplies, food or other items for your club. CHC's clubs work on a reimbursement policy, so the officers have to purchase the items with their own money then fill out a reimbursement form in order to get refunds. The reimbursement form needs the receipt from the store, or if you purchased the item online, you need to print the payment history of that item. You will not be able to be reimbursed if you do not have a receipt or form of information showing that you purchased that item for that cost.

  3. As an officer of a club you must remain in good standing. This goes for both academic and legal standing. An officer for any club must keep at least a 2.0 accumulative GPA to hold office. Every club and its officers must follow the procedures of all local, state and federal laws, as well as the College's. As long as you understand what you can and cannot do as a club officer, you will be able to smoothly run your new club this coming spring.